ERS 56 - The Sodor Oil Engines

ERS 56 - The Sodor Oil Engines - The Old Bean

The Sodor Oil Refinery was, in the ERS V1, based at Killdane.  However, come the advent of the ERS V2, the location was moved on the insistence of Loey Machan to create greater ecological validity.  The Oil Refinery is now based at the end of Edward’s Branch Line at Brendam Bay, sharing a length of line with the Sodor China Clay Company.
The majority of stories taking place at the Oil Refinery have been written by The Old Bean himself, although for the V2 Library, the stories have been updated by Ryan to reflect the changes made to the setup.

When the new Oil Refinery is first announced, BoCo, Toby, Oliver and Rusty are sent to help with its construction.When Toby falls ill, however, Edward is sent to help in his place temporarily, leaving Douglas in charge of his Branch Line. Sure enough, without Edward to keep them in order, Bill and Ben start playing tricks on him; but with a little help from Donald, Douglas pays the twins back, warning them to; “Never play tricks on twins, or you’ll get double the trouble!”

The Fat Controller is worried; the Oil Refinery offers more work than the engines available can handle, so decides to send two more diesels to help out there. Bear and Mavis are chosen, and Mavis is excited at the chance to impress the Fat Controller. But problems soon arise where, thanks to Bear purely by accident, Mavis collects the wrong fuel tankers and causes delay. Now Mavis feels sure she has let the Fat Controller down...

Rusty is loaned to the Oil Refinery to help with the narrow gauge complex, as diesels are less of a fire risk than steam engines. In his absence, the Skarloey Engines have to handle Rusty's work as well as their own. This makes Sir Handel cross, especially when Duncan reckons that he's being the subject of a “conspiracy”! When Sir Handel is sent to help Rusty at the refinery, he plans a nasty trick to pay him out, which goes terribly wrong...

Mavis is determined to make up for her mistakes, but the fuel tankers continue making things difficult for her. However, disaster strikes when Oliver's fuel train catches fire on his way to the refinery, threatening everyone within it. Fortunately Mavis is close by, and manages to prevent Oliver getting too close to the yard, allowing the fire fighters to put the blaze out with sand. Oliver is very grateful, and Mavis is praised a hero.
Even so, the Fat Controller knows that an engine will be needed to work at the oil refinery full-time – and he finds just the one he's looking for...