ERS 55 - Percy The Branch Line Engine

ERS 55 - Percy The Branch Line Engine - Christopher

It was here that plans to expand the Ffarquhar Line to Ulfstead slowly began – the tip of the iceberg being the extra loads of stone being transported by Mavis, Toby and Ted. It also served as some nice development for Percy when he is left in charge of the line.


It has been decided that a new stonecutting yard is to be built near Hackenbeck Halt to house the extra stone trucks brought down from the quarry. Thomas is pleased when he is put in charge of the construction work, but Percy warns him to be careful with the men and their explosives. Thomas, of course, thinks he knows better until a controlled-explosion goes awry and poor Thomas is left damaged by the aftermath.

With Thomas away being mended, Percy is in charge of the Branch Line. He is very keen to help, doing Thomas's work as well as his own, but he forgets to mind his buck and bounces when taking the Workmen to the new yard's site. As a result, he causes a proper riot when the men complain to him about their uncomfortable journey!

Percy settles down after that, and takes his new duties responsibly. But the day Thomas is due home, Percy has an accident when shunting at the new Stonecutting Yards thanks to heavy rain, slippery rails and troublesome trucks. To make matters worse, Thomas is sent to clear the mess and he doesn't like what he has seen at all...

Thomas stays cross at Percy, thinking him as the same “silly little engine” before, as he helps with the final preparations before the Quarry Manager's Inspection. But Thomas runs into trouble again at the cutting with a top-heavy load, leaving Percy to come to his rescue. They manage to put things right before time, and the new yard – dubbed Croarie Sidings – is officially opened. Thomas and Percy make up and both agree that “nobody is perfect”.