ERS 53 - Brad The American Engine

ERS 53 - Brad The American Engine - Christopher & Granpuff

This ERS Volume was originally written by Martin Clutterback but although overhauled for the revamped Library, I have tried as best I could to leave most of his text intact, particularly for the first and third stories.


Here we brought about two of the most popular characters in the ERS Library – Jinty, who featured in The Eight Famous Engines when the Fat Controller's engines went to England, and Brad, a US Dock-Tank Shunter, one of many engines constructed in America and shipped overseas during the Second World War. Peaked with interest by two new faces, Duke and Ivo Hugh learn about Brad's history before he and Jinty set off to the Big Station.

With work building up at the Big Station and Knapford Harbour undergoing extension, the Fat Controller bought and serviced Brad and Jinty to help out with plans to send one of them to a Heritage Railway when the work is done. Jinty sets to work at Tidmouth, and proves himself, like all engines, Really Useful when Gordon suffers an uncomfortable derailment and has to be helped back on the rails by the Fire Department. This unusual method, which actually did happen in 1938 at St Paul's Station, was just the story I needed to show Jinty's calm, organised manner.

Brad helps with the expansion at Knapford Harbour, where he soon makes friends with Toby and Percy. The development plans include larger quaysides to house bigger ships and a slipway launch for the Yacht Marine. The slipway is unexpectedly trialled out when a reckless lorry careers down it and into the sea – not the first time this sort of thing has happened at Knapford, at least not off the rails!

With the Harbour Expansion completed, the Fat Controller has decided to keep Jinty on as Tidmouth's new Station Pilot, and Brad is sent off to his new home. Percy and the Branch Line engines miss him very much, since it means more work for them at the Harbour. However, when the Heritage Railway can no longer afford to keep him, Brad is sent back to Sodor – for good – and has remained on Thomas's Line ever since.