ERS 49 - Miniature Railway Engines

ERS 49 - Miniature Railway Engines - Ryan & Kyle


Written by Ryan & Kyle
While running a special for Sodor Road Heritage Museum Bertie encounters the construction of a Miniature Railway in the town of Norramby and the lines’ resident diesel, Louise, shyly explains that the line is being built to increase tourist numbers. After several more days of assisting with construction a new steam engine arrives, introducing himself as Roger and the two soon become friends. That evening Roger explains his origins on a Welsh tourist railway before being bought by a private collector, and finally being purchased for the Norramby Miniature Railway.



Written by Ryan & Kyle
As works to the track reach completion and Roger is brought back to a working order a new engine arrives, and quickly proves to be arrogant and difficult, even going so far as to spurn his new name; “Norramby Hero”. Roger is pleased to have a chance to run a test train, but a poorly-stoked fire causes him untold problems when he fails on a level crossing and blocks the road. Thankfully Louise is present to lend a helping buffer.



Written by Ryan & Kyle
Norramby Hero comes to enjoy his new nickname, “Nero” and his ego only inflates further, much to the annoyance of Louise and Roger, and his selection to carry driver training causes the other engines concern. He rebuffs the demand for Louise to assist him in case of further problems, however when the supervising driver passes out in the cab and the trainee driver freezes he is glad of the little diesel’s assistance.



Written by Ryan & Kyle
Whilst coming home from work on the Beach Halt Louise is spooked by an odd sound and, although gaining sympathy from Roger, only gets teased by Nero. Soon the final station is finished, but the weather takes a turn for the worse and Roger is required to inspect the line one morning due to Louise feeling unwell. During the trip back he hears the same strange noise as the little diesel, which his driver identifies as water. At that moment an underground stream opens up beneath the rails, causing Roger to teeter perilously on the edge. Thankfully Nero is willing to risk his own safety to save the old engine, and the three miniature engines are able to enjoy the grand opening a few days later.