ERS 48 - Bert the Small Engine

ERS 48 - Bert The Small Engine - Fox

In which more details of Bert’s overhaul and improvement are brought to light, as the depiction of them had been omitted in Jock the New Engine (Bert was overhauled and rebuilt before Jock arrived). Here we find that the first overhaul was not quite as effective and that it took some adjustments to make Bert a really useful engine, and how a dramatic event unfolds, making all of the Small Railway Engines really useful.


Rex tries to scare Mike and Bert with tales of ghosts from Duke’s old railway but serves only to incur Mike’s wrath upon him instead. Instead, Mike’s crew make arrangements and Jock vanishes – in the end it is Rex who gets the big scare on a Halloween Special train...

Frank, as a diesel usually helps out and is often on maintenance trains. One wet and windy morning however he doesn’t want to leave his warm shed and throws a strop before grudgingly going to work – with his engine making strange noises.
Meanwhile Bert who has a history of poor steaming even after a rudimentary overhaul, is rostered to take a passenger train up the line but fails due to poor steaming. Frank, still wet and cold grudgingly rescues Bert and brings him home to the Shed, only for Rex to see it as an opportunity for teasing!
Bert however, is taken away on a low loader....

Jock is mysteriously moved to the workshops and comes back untouched. In the Shed the Small Engines conspire to go on strike as they suspect that Bert has actually been sent for scrap and to be replaced by a new engine – after Rex spreads rumours and gets his facts wrong!
A few weeks later an engine for the Railway does indeed arrive – but the steam engines are kept in suspense. After a confrontation between a snarling Mike and a taken-aback Small Controller, Jock resolves to sort out the awkward situation. He finds a new-looking engine, only to find that it is infact an improved and better-looking Bert!
Bert travels up the line on a light engine test, with Jock following on a passenger train but at the Top Station, Jock breaks down and receives help from an overexcited Bert – only for Bert to be mistaken for Jock!

The ever-touchy Mike and Jock argue about who’s the better engine. They agree to a ‘duel’ as they are both on passenger trains, but when Jock gets overexcited, his sparks fly out and cause a fire on an embankment close the railway. Mike breaks down next to the raging fire – and it is Jock who redeems himself by saving Mike, before all the engines team up to help and put out the fire. After a magnificent effort on both the diesel and steam engines part, the fire is gradually quelled and little harm was done - and an unexpected happy ending is gained!