ERS 43 - Edward's Branch Line

ERS 43 - Edward's Branch Line - Ryan (1996)


Based on an incident from the Welsh Highland Railway in 1999, the engines on Edward’s Branch Line encounter a rude tractor called Shane, who has come to help deliver apples from the Orchard to Suddery Market with Trevor.  However, his teasing soon comes to an abrupt end when he breaks down on a level crossing, and ends up in BoCo’s way!



James is drafted in to help Edward whilst BoCo goes for repairs.  He is most dismayed to find that he will need to do his own shunting whilst he’s working there.  His rough treatment of the trucks from the Other Railway riles them up – they want to get their own back on James.  However, Edward takes pity on him and agrees to take over the goods work – landing himself in the hands of the vengeful trucks who decide to push him along.  However, Edward averts disaster through his own route knowledge and uses a hill to bring them back into line again.



At the China Clay Works, Bill tries to frighten Ben with ghost stories late at night.  Becoming so tired of it, Ben takes the opportunity to spend the night at the Harbour after delivering trucks there.  That night, Bill hears strange rattling noises inside the shed – and now he’s convinced there’s something creepy in there.  However, Ben’s Driver knows it’s only a blockage in the pipes – and after a day of letting Bill fret, he clears the pipe to find a birds nest has fallen down inside.  The twins find a nice new home for the chicks in the Vicarage Orchard and feel better.



Edward’s mind turns to pastures new after his Driver reads an article in a Railway Magazine about a Locomotive Gala in Europe.  But shortly after, when the weather takes a turn for the worse and a tree is about to cause a disaster on the Branch Line, Edward soon realises the true value of his friends on the Island of Sodor – and knows that there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.