ERS 42 - Evan the Private Engine

ERS 42 - Evan The Private Engine - Sillyevan & Professor Vengeance

Many years ago the Thin Controller decided to extend the Skarloey Railway around the Lake to draw in more visitors. To aid in construction he enlists the help of No.1, a privately-owned shunting engine who hasn't worked for a long while. No.1 gets the perfect chance to stretch his wheels, however, when Rusty needs help with his supplies train.

Work on the loop line is going well, but Sir Handel is unhappy. He's fed up of his heavy supply runs and wants No.1's shunting duties instead, seeing the job of inherently easy. Following an argument with the Foreman, Sir Handel gets his wish - and almost instantly spills his supplies train all over the Yard! How could any engine clear such a complex mess? No.1 shows him how.

As the loop line nears completion, No.1 finds his work is leaving him more tired out than ever. Not wanting to let his Owner down with so little left to be done, he and his Driver resolve to say nothing unless something serious happens. Something serious does happen when No.1 has to take one of Rusty's supply trains all along the line and he runs out of steam halfway along. No.1 is rescued and put in his shed, but come the day of the grand opening, he's still nowhere to be seen...

Many years later, Duncan is helping to clear the Lakeside Line sidings, which have become old and overgrown. The little engine has been acting worse than ever recently, to the point of having a serious breakdown. Left alone for a long time before being repaired, Duncan is eager to work again and redeem himself. This he does when he clears a mudslide on the hill and discovers an old friend of the Railway buried underneath...