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ERS 130 - Adventures of the Ffarquhar Fleet - 2008 - Ian Jackson
This was the first ERS volume in a while to focus on Thomas’ line. As my first volume, it seemed a logical place to start! I first wrote the majority of it before I discovered SiF or the ERS, which is why Brad is absent for most of the volume, but I think I got away with it! I’m also delighted to have a title where Thomas doesn’t come first for a change!
Written by Ian
Brad is seconded to Duck and Oliver’s line to assist with building works. Toby and Percy take on the extra work between them, resulting in changes to the timetables. Unfortunately, nobody thinks to inform a local farmer, and Percy finds himself delayed at a farm crossing on several occasions. After Thomas teases him, Percy is determined not to fall late again. The following day, James delays him once again, and Percy soon finds that being impatient can have most unfortunate consequences!
During high winds, an acorn falls and breaks one of Daisy’s windows. She feels most embaressed, but Thomas finds it highly amusing, making endless tree jokes at her expense. The following morning Thomas has to take Daisy’s early train. Passing through the woods, his heavy train causes an already unstable tree, weakened in the storms, to topple down right behind the coaches. Thomas and the coaches are shaken, although Daisy is delighted to turn the tables on her friend!

The Fat Controller asks to borrow Mavis to help while Brad is away, to take trucks down to the junction. Lucky warns her to be careful, which prompts Mavis to recall her first ever jaunt down to the junction. At a long gradient known to the engines as the ‘Drag’, the trucks try push her, and later they goad her into taking far too many empties home, leaving her stuck on the ‘Drag’. Luckily for Mavis, Toby is on hand to rescue her, but even he has to admit how well Mavis has done!

The engines are excited; Toby’s fireman is getting married, and Toby is taking him to the church in Henrietta. The bride is arriving in her Father’s vintage Rolls Royce. Unfortunately, Roland happens to be a rather unpleasant type, who delights in upsetting Duck and Oliver. So much so that on the big day, Oliver challenges him to a race, leaving him overheated and the bride stranded at a bus-stop! Luckily Brad, returning home to Thomas’s branch-line, comes to the rescue with a brake van!
Compiled by Ian

NEW CHARACTERS: Shane The Tractor



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