ERS 161 - Midland Railway Engines

ERS 161 - Midland Railway Engines - Kyle

James again ventures down the Kirk Ronan branch, but his complaints of being relegated are met with scorn from Alex and Simon. However, when attempting to get back at Alex he only manages to raise the tank engine’s suspicions and invoke his paranoia…


To stop an argument erupting between Alex and James the Fat Controller orders Donald to assist on the line as the Castle is refurbished. Simon’s poor mood that morning leads Gwen to warn Donald to be careful, although some over-excited enthusiasts cause things to deteriorate further. However, at the end of the night Alex ends up upset, when some mysterious visitors to the shed steal
his nameplate.

On Edward’s branch line Emmeleia fails one day whilst banking, and is forced to go back to the works. However, during her trip she encounters Alex at the junction, who becomes suspicious of meeting another Midland Railway engine. When a change in timetable causes him to go down to the docks he butts heads with Gwen, and begins to believe that an old conspiracy by the Midland Railway to have his type scrapped has been invoked.


Alex becomes more and more difficult to work with, believing that only he and Simon aren’t involved in the “conspiracy”. When Douglas is assigned to assist with the Castle work Alex’s suspicion only grows further, culminating in a fearful display as Emmeleia is hauled back from her trip to the works. Douglas’ lack of activity in the “conspiracy” confuses him even further, however it is only when his nameplate is thrown off and overhead bridge and bounces off his boiler that he comes to realise the error of his ways and apologises to his friends.