ERS 157 - Demonstration Engines

ERS 156 - Restoration Engines - Simon, Christopher & Fox

Story Summaries by Ian


Warrior the saddle tank engine feels depressed- every engine seems to have important duties to attend to except him. Unable to contend with the increase in freight traffic or the Auto-Coaches on the Little Western, the Fat Controller sets him to helping out on the other various branch lines. When Squaddie questions if the little engine is happy, and Daphne makes an incredibly careless remarks about the other engines having homes to go to, it sets Warrior- and the Fat Controller- wondering just what the future holds in store…


When the Fat Controller learns that an engine has failed at Tidmouth Harbour, he agrees to send Warrior to assist. The big engines are dubious of his new role and warn him to trust nobody at the mysterious docks. Warrior sets to work, but with the Harbour Master passing comment over his wheels, Crabby the crane making no attempt to be friendly and an awful feeling of being watched, the poor engine is far from happy. With his unevenly-spaced wheels causing an axle box to shear, he fails in the harbour yard. Warrior fears the worst and falls into a troubled sleep, unaware of the mysterious engine that helps him from his plight…


Parker continues to enjoy his work at the museum, but wonders which engine will replace him on the demonstration line when his boiler ticket expires. Sharpe in next in line, but before the day is through Parker suffers a terrible blow when unseen damage to his boiler leads to a severe steam leak in the yards. Although nobody is hurt, Parker is withdrawn shortly after; feeling terrible about letting everyone down just before the Furness Railway Gala. Mr Leigh telephones the Fat Controller, and is surprised when he learns that there may be an engine to stand in for Parker after all…


Warrior dislikes being at the Works, especially as Wendell and the Workmen are frantically busy on a mysterious project in the sheds. When the Fat Controller brings Mr.Leigh to visit, he explains about Parker’s mishap and the need for another engine at the Museum; Warrior is delighted at the idea of finally being useful again!
Soon, Warrior is introduced to Rollo and Parker, and the men set up getting him ready for the Furness Gala, meaning his green paint is to be substituted for FR orange-red instead. Everyone makes Warrior very welcome, and as the Gala gets into full swing, he happily declares that the museum feels like home.