ERS 156 - Restoration Engines

ERS 156 - Restoration Engines - Simon

Story Summaries by Ian



Parker, in his official capacity of ‘Museum Engine’, mourns the sorry state of the old sheds at Vicarstown and the long-filled in turntable well. His Driver assures him that the volunteers will have everywhere looking grand soon, but even the other engine, taken on by Emmeleia’s old owners, is unsure as to her future. As Parker discovers so many changes are down to ‘health and safety’ and ’red tape’, a new diesel, Rollo, arrives and shunts him away for the Winter. Come Spring, on the day of the opening, Parker has had enough of red tape and in his confusion refuses to break the tape for the opening ceremony!


Edward is starting to feel his age, and while watching Emmeleia go about her duties, wonder if he is too old for his work. His Driver and Firemen decide he needs a change of scene and a good rest, and arrange for him to spend a weekend at the VRM as a special attraction. He enjoys meeting Parker again, and after being thoroughly cleaned visitors line up to see inside his cab. A face from the past reminds Edward of his Special Day Out many years before, and how wonderful it is to be a working engine.


As the Museum continues to thrive, Parker delights in the arrival of two more engines from ‘the old days’, Snake and Newt from the China Clay Works. When parker mentions he would enjoy a longer run, his Driver reveals he is to visit the town of Kirk Ronan for a week, to celebrate the anniversary of their railway line. Parker enjoys his trip, but as the week goes by a problem with his jamming brake sees him run into a plinth at the end of the his siding. Although unhurt, Parker is very surprised when the statue on the plinth sudden chastises him!


Parker, in a state of surprise, questions the ‘statue’ that ha been knocked off his plinth, who reveals himself to be an engine. When Parker and his Driver question his heritage, the old engine tells his story; he is not a former Sodor and Mainland Neilson tank as the towns people think, but a former Furness engine. Refusing to reveal more, Parker mentions it to Edward, and after the Workmen discover the mysterious engine’s works plates, Edward reveals him to be Sharpe, a former FR tender engine modified to a tank engine. The question then remains, how to rebuild the surprise discovery?


The volunteers borrow Victoria, measuring and taking photographs so as to build replica carriages for the demonstration line, while also working hard to finish restoring Fern the scrap engine and Sharpe the former plinth engine. But the biggest surprise of all comes in the form of a large, strange looking black box that is donated to the museum. As Parker’s Driver sets up cleaning it, the mystery of the engine stolen from the Kirk Ronan plinth is finally revealed, and a long lost engine makes up the sixth locomotive to become part of the VRM team.