ERS 152 - Scrapyard Engines

ERS 152 - Scrapyard Engines - Simon

Story Summaries by Ian



Squaddie repairs are progressing well thanks to the aid of the ‘Squaddie Appeal’. During his time at the Works, he enjoys talking to the engine he knows only as Nosey, who lives in the out-of-use lines with the disgraced Sixty-Six. Nosey reveals his real name to be Parker, and tells Squaddie how he was borrowed many years earlier for work on the Brendam line with Edward and Albert. When he becomes unable to haul his trains, the then Fat Director made him the Inspector’s engine. When the current Sir Topham Hatt arrives to see Squaddie, he’s amazed to find the old engine parked alongside!


A boiler inspector arrives to sees Parker in steam and the workmen are amazed by how well the old engine steams. When the men take him for a turn about the yard, Parker’s old trouble with rough riding soon returns thanks to his badly designed axle boxes. The Fat Controller soon decides on a course of action to remedy the problem, but while searching through the old sidings for spare parts for Parker, another, even more surprising, discovery is made!


The Fat Controller and the workmen try to discover why and how an unknown engine came to be parked in the back part of the yards. Parker explains the engine arrived many years before, for reasons never fully explained, and subsequently moved to the out-of-use sidings by an engine “that wouldn’t stop quacking about something or t’other”. Revealing the discovery to be the remains of a grumpy but well-meaning banking engine, the Fat Controller decides she would be ideal for use on Gordon’s Hill… providing Squaddie can move the great beast, rusting motion and all, into the Works for repairs!


Emmeleia takes great delight in being repaired, but while Squaddie is being prepared for his first main line trials after rebuilding it comes to light that a cylinder block, removed for exhibition shortly after her arrival, is unavailable to complete the banking engine’s repairs. During his light engine run Squaddie notices the Wellsworth Station Museum, which gives him an idea over the whereabouts of Emmeleia’s ‘missing piece’.
Some weeks later, Emmeleia is put into traffic, as is the repaired D16. Squaddie and Edward take great delight in watching the new banking engine show her stuff, but she’s far from impressed when it is D16 she has to assist!


The Fat Controller informs the engines that a working museum is to be built on Sodor, similar to the National Railway Museum in York, to showcase the heritage of Sodor’s railways. Squaddie and Parker are to attend, but discussion is interrupted when a group of men arrive with a document that claims they own the recently rediscovered banking engine. When the Fat Controller questions them, it is down to Squaddie to suggest a compromise, thereby safe-guarding Emmeleia’s future on Sodor. All ends happily, and some days later Squaddie and Parker are proud to be in attendance as the Fat Controller cuts the first sod of earth for the foundations of the forthcoming Vicarstown Railway Museum.