ERS 154 - Wendell The Works Diesel

ERS 154 - Wendell The Works Diesel - Christopher

Work on the Vicarstown Railway Museum takes place, and Wendell is kept busy hauling old rolling stock from the out-of-use sidings behind the Workshops for restoration. The villainous Procor of Wakefield (alias D16) still proves to be quite sinister when he reminds Wendell that he is the “master of none” – hardly venturing out of the Works, not even owning his own train to pull, to which Poor Wendell begins to question his own existence...

Winston arrives at the Works for maintenance. When he hears Wendell's troubles, he tries to cheer him up, convincing the Works Diesel that he is still Really Useful however little or large he works. This is proven correct when Wendell helps Pip and Emma out following an accident and works hard to clear the line. At the same time, a new Diesel Shunter – Rollo – has completed his tests and is ready for work...but he is not too happy when the Workshop Manager makes a surprising announcement...
The real-life mishap Pip and Emma's incident is, for High-Speed Trains, a rare occurrence with safety checks constant, but it seemed good enough to work into the storyline and help get Wendell out of the Workshops.

As a reward for his hard work, Wendell is sent to look after Winston's trains, leaving Rollo to help Bad Bob at the Works. Wendell enjoys this and returns home feeling much better...but not long after he comes back he is sent out again, this time by road where he acts as a back-up generator at the Tidmouth Power Station. This bizarre event actually did happen when a Diesel Electric Locomotive became a temporary source of power for the West Thurrock Power Station – with much gratitude for Simon for forwarding this for me to use.

Rollo's uppity manner and grumbling spreads a bad atmosphere in the Workshops, feeling bored and restless. But he quickly changes his tune and respects his current position when he breaks down near the refuge sidings and spends a terrifying night with the rusting, ageing engines for company...Rollo would, later on in the Library, become shunting engine for the upcoming Vicarstown Museum following its completion, but this served nicely as an introduction of sorts and another example of solid developing continuity.