ERS 155 - Ted & Jinty's New Positions

ERS 155 - Ted & Jinty's New Positions - Ryan

This particular book was written as a means of pushing things forward and shaking things up.  Jinty could have carried on shunting at the Big Station forever, but for me, I saw it as an opportunity to develop both him and Ted in new environments.  Jinty’s life on Edward’s Branch is yet to be covered, but Ted’s development and progress is charted with a new personality and look for the Diesel shunter in a new book by Christopher & Fox.



Given that the major building projects of the last 10 years on Sodor have been completed, there is a slow down in terms of work at the Anopha Quarry – and the decision is taken to shift Ted to Tidmouth to take over from Jinty as the Station Pilot, whilst he moves to Edward’s Branch Line to become a passenger engine.  When Ted arrives at Tidmouth, he’s given the grand tour and meets with Dick and Dilworth, the Class 66s as they set about working with Crabby the Crane at the Harbour.  Ted finds the loading of containers to be tedious, but Dick and Dilworth know how to wind Crabby up – and Dilworth frightens him so much when he blasts his horn whilst Crabby is unloading a ship, that it sets a container swinging like a pendulum.  The twins and Ted think it a great laugh and sing a song about it.  But when Ted goes to rejoin Jinty, there’s been a change of plan and he’s to go early to Brendam as one of the China Clay twins has failed.  But the lorry due to collect him doesn’t arrive, and he’s left outside over night – but then word comes through they have taken an engine... and worse still, no-one can find Ted!



Written by Christopher & Ryan

Story idea by Fox

The ending of the last story is taken from an incident which took place at Didcot yard in 1994, where a Castle class locomotive was shifted instead of a Class 08 shunter by a careless lorry driver.  The title of this story is based on one of the famous Bill and Ted films, and was a title I was dying to use (along with Super Ted).  Bill is surprised to find Ted standing in his yard, but the mistake is explained and the two have to work together for the day at least.  But Bill is none too amused with Ted’s way of speaking and catchphrases.  But when Bill makes a mistake whilst shunting trucks for BoCo, Ted decides to take the rap for it and helps to set things right.  Bill is unsure of why Ted did it, but is quietly appreciative of his help.



Based on an incident from Llaneli sheds in the 1960s, where an engine derailed on unswitched points and caused the same problem, this story was based off one that Stuart submitted to us for a volume about Warrior, which was subsequently rejected after some debate among the ERS staff.  I decided that this still had some life left in it and decided to use it.  Ted returns to the yard at Tidmouth, and Donald suffers a derailment when crossing some points, just as James is trying to reach the platform with his train.  Jinty isn’t sure that James will make it past Donald safely, but James argues the point until Donald finally allows him right to pass.  At first, James is pleased and confident that he’s proven Jinty wrong – until a screech of metal is heard as the coach snags on Donald’s buffer beam!  Ted admires Jinty’s steadfast attitude, and before he leaves for Edward’s Branch Line, Jinty reminds Ted never to give in to the big engines and always to hold his own against them when they play up.



Jinty finally leaves Tidmouth for his new life on the Wellsworth Branch.  But before he can run passenger trains, he has to learn the route by doing empty stock movements up and down the line.  However, despite being apprehensive about it all, he makes the most of the experience and begins finding ‘distinguishing landmarks’ to keep himself in check.  But one evening, when Edward is late back and Jinty’s return journey is delayed, he finds that the use of distinguishing landmarks to be invaluable when a branch is found to be lying across the line – and being dragged out of the way by Trevor!