ERS 151 - Procor The Diesel Engine

ERS 151 - Procor The Diesel Engine - Simon

Story Summaries by Ian


Dick and Dilworth arrive with an unusual working from the Other Railway; three Class 60 diesel locomotives- one jet black, the other faded red and gold- none of whom has spoken a word for the entire journey. Wendell shunts them into place and leaves them alone. Procor summons his fellow engines, Roman and Spartan, and instructs them to integrate with the resident steam engines to ensure they remain, and in time others will follow. But as he is taken for a turn about the yard, he turns his attention on the unwitting Percy.


The Fat Controller informs Procor, now branded for work on Sodor and given the full name ‘Procor of Wakefield’, of his displeasure at the incident with Percy, but Procor’s reply goes unheard. With Roman requiring repairs before he can run, Procor and Spartan set out for driver training purposes along the main line. When BoCo, Bear and Winston discuss the unfriendly engines in the shed they fail to realise their conversation has been overheard by the new arrivals. Procor makes light of all accusations put to him, before taking his leave rather hurriedly. In doing so he takes a fuel line with him, triggering a blaze from which BoCo is unable to escape unaided.


Discussion and disgust are rife amongst the engines following the fire, with Procor seething at Spartan’s rescue of BoCo and the big engines annoyed that Squaddie is being blamed for the disaster that Procor clearly caused. When Bear and Winston question Spartan, he dutifully informs them that Procor speaks for them as he has their interests in mind; Winston however is quick to wise up the situation of Procor being their leader.
Over time Winston starts to recall meeting Procor before and when the new arrival fails at Kellsthorpe Road, it reminds the Western of their former meeting. But being rescued by Winston once again does nothing to improve Procor’s attitude.


The diesels are delighted at Procor’s misfortune but when Spartan reveals that Procor has been purchased outright for work on Sodor, the news is met with horror. They attempt to get more out of the quiet diesel, and when it becomes apparent that Procor distrusts his former follower, Winston and Bear inform Spartan that there is an alternative.
Over the following days, delays on the oil trains mount up, all of which are blamed rightly or wrongly on poor Spartan. Matters come to a head however when Procor launches his next plan- by setting fire to himself alongside a line of loaded fuel tankers in the yard.


It was surprisingly commonplace amongst the Class 60 fleet for names to be interchanged amongst the locomotives, and this is seen here in the final installment of the volume. The Fat Controller inspects the damaged Procor and Wakefield, and on finding Procor to be in a bad state of disrepair ponders the value of his metal from scrap. He then reveals that Roman and Spartan have been purchased by N.W.Freight and are to be repainted and rebranded forthwith. With Procor’s nameplate split into two, it gives Bear an idea of new names for the two surviving engines…
Some days later, with the disgraced number 13 moved to the Works out of harms way, a ceremony is held to launch the two new engines into Sudrian traffic. D17, formally Spartan, now Procor and D18, formally Roman, now Wakefield, are unveiled, with Wakefield in NWR lined blue, and Procor in a Great Western style. Both honoured to be welcomed into the railway, the two engines set to work.