ERS 147 - Quinten Steams Again

ERS 147 - Quinten Steams Again - Christopher

Although the new Library stayed close to grips with reality and real-time happenings for each year, I couldn't help but bend truth just a little for this “sequel”. The NRM's Q1 would still be out of service, but with some creative storytelling and help from other writers and friends, I think I pulled it off here!

News of a special Railtour excites the engines as it would help raise funds for a charity cause on Sodor – even more so when they learn that Green Arrow is to pull the train. However, their excitement quickly turns to disappointment when Green Arrow is unable to visit Sodor after all (due to cylinder problems, which the engine suffered in RL at the same period) so other arrangements are to be made for a replacement. The engines all suspect a Diesel to arrive, but are most surprised when they discover a familiar engine attached to Dilworth's train some days later...

To everyone's surprise and delight, Quinten is brought from the Museum again to help take over the Railtour., having travelled on Dilworth's goods train. All the engines are delighted, but Dick – who has yet to meet Quinten face to face – is disgusted at “another steam engine” present on Sodor! Returning to Tidmouth, however, Dick strikes up a conversation with who he thinks is a diesel named Chopper...what a shock he gets when the lights come back on and he realises that it's Quinten, who manages to convince Dick that steam engines aren't as bad as he thinks them to be!

Quinten's railtours run very well. But as his boiler has been temporarily retubed, he isn't as strong or powerful from his last visit, meaning that he can only go so far as Knapford Junction where a Support Diesel tows the train back. When his Support Diesel fails, however, Quinten manages to show that he's still got some puff in him by pushing the train gently back home.

Thanks to Quinten, the Railtours go without anymore problems and raises lots of money for the chosen charity. In a goodwill gesture, Dick offers to take Quinten home to York on his container train...but a delay and heavy rain spoil their run, until Quinten quickly suggests sending Robert to act as Banker instead of waiting for BoCo or Edward. And with Robert's help, they tackle the hill and Dick returns Quinten home on time...even without steam in his boiler, Quinten still manages to keep things running!