ERS 145 - Gala Engines

ERS 145 - Gala Engines - Ryan et al.

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Storylines by Ryan

This volume pretty much concluded the ERS V1 in 2008, when we celebrated six years of SiF.  I was particularly pleased with it and it remains my favourite out of that era of the ERS, purely because of the storylines we used, the camaraderie between the writing team and the way it turned out in the end.  Personally, I felt it was a strong end to the ERS V1, as this and the volumes that preceded it showed the progression that all writers had gone through and the point we had reached.  It was this volume that proved we needed consistency within the ERS, and set us on the road for the ERS V2.



Written by Ian & Ryan

This story was based on an incident at Fort William in August 2008 where two Diesel engines marshalling a set of Pullman carriages managed to de-rail two rear coaches and cause a delay for a commuter train and The Jacobite.  In this instance, we had the same incident replayed with Bear and Daphne causing the trouble whilst shunting a set of Pullman coaches for a special train.



Written by Christopher
We based this story on two incidents – one taking place during Ryan and Chris the Xelent’s trip on The Jacobite and another which took place on The Cambrian Coast Express, where the engine took on sea-water during a trip and had to be drained.  Henry is pulling a special excursion train, and when taking on water at Thomas’s Junction, finds the water tastes somewhat peculiar.  Further along his route, he finds himself stalling with his train, and has to reverse to get momentum going again – only for the same problem to happen again, where he stalls again on a hill.  This time, he hauls the train over the top and struggles on to the next station where the crew find he has taken on sea water instead of fresh water.  BoCo takes over the train whilst Henry has his tanks emptied, and returns to the shed where Gordon and James issue the typical teasing!



Written by Loey Machan

During the 2007 meet up, we visited Pendre works on the Talyllyn Railway where Loey recanted a story about how in the early days, a pipe had been bent in the roof of Pendre shed, where the saddletank was due to be lifted from the engine, but actually found to be lifting the entire engine.  The Tall Controller decides to help with the Gala event and opens the Skarloey Railway to the viewing public.  Skarloey is in the Workshops for repair and is to have his saddle-tank lifted off and isn’t particularly looking forward to it. The travelling crane being used to lift Skarloey’s tank proves somewhat awkward, so the old engine suggests an alternative of throwing the lines over the roof beams above his funnel and cab, which should take the weight of his tank, with all the men pulling together.  This proves to work, all too well as Skarloey soon finds himself two feet off the ground with saddle-tank still attached.  With a huge clang, Skarloey’s front end falls into the inspection pit where he is stuck, wedged in tight.  Poor Skarloey needs to be taken apart completely to be set free. 



Written by Fox & Ryan

We were struggling for a good story to end this on, but Troublesome Truck delivered us a brilliant tale based on a recurring incident, which was the bane of the lives of many engine-men who were caught out by detonators in a tunnel which shook soot loose on a regular basis. It’s the last day of the Gala, and to celebrate Duncan’s return to the Skarloey Railway, there’s to be a Locomotive Line-Up at Crovan’s Gate, where Gordon will come in last with an Express full of important visitors.  Meanwhile, Douglas is running a Have-A-Go Goods Train, and breaks down outside a tunnel.  The crew advise one of the novice volunteers to lay detonators up to the tunnel to warn Gordon who is due on the approach.  He returns some time later just as BoCo arrives to haul Douglas to the Works – having laid the detonators into the tunnel!  Gordon is soon heard approaching, setting off all the detonators in his path and shaking soot loose from the tunnel, which covers him and his coaches!  After a slight delay, Gordon pulls into the station to a chorus of laughter – and Duncan sums up the situation perfectly - “Ah well, at least some things never change. No matter how long you’ve been away!”