ERS 144 - Simon The Midland Engine

ERS 144 - Simon The Midland Engine - Kyle

I’d noted for years that the identity of the Red Engine seen in “The Sad Story of Henry” had been debated, with no clear answer being drawn. I finally decided it was time to set the story straight.



During a trip down the Kirk Ronan branch James find himself getting frustrated with the bi-polar nature of the lines’ resident engine, Simon. However, his frustration turns to true annoyance when a shunting incident results in him becoming trapped in a siding. This was based on a true story, where Class 52 No. 1007 Western Talisman’s battery box unexpectedly opened and hit a point switch, changing the points beneath the engine as it passed over them.



A Lorry Driver’s Strike causes extra work for the engines of the Kirk Ronan branch, and one day Simon is called down to the docks to assist with a special shipment of luxury cars. One of the cars, Berthold, proves to be quite obnoxious, and succeeds in getting right up Simon’s funnel. However, a build-up of soot on an overhead bridge allows the steam engine to get his revenge.


The Strike continues, and causes some tension between Simon and the lines’ other engine Alex. Unfortunately the delays have also upset a local environmental group, and it isn’t long before they hold a protest, demanding the two steam engines are removed from the line.


Although The Strike has finished the backlog of work, combined with protests of the environmental group, causes the tension between the two engines to come to a head. Simon is happy to take a late train from the docks simply to escape Alex’s attitude, but is surprised to find his train stopped and searched by Police. Finding counterfeit goods aboard, Simon is pleased to have been able to help Police stop a gang of criminals. And with a little help from the Fat Controller, the protesters are sent packing and Simon and Alex’s relationship is restored.