ERS 143 - Engines To The Rescue

ERS 143 - Engines To The Rescue - Talyllyn

Story Summaries by Fox


James is running on Express Duties and glad of it, even though people compare him to a fire engine – red, dashing and bold, he revels in it. One day however he takes on an extra-heavy Express and runs out of water due to a broken-down water tower – and needs to be replenished by an actual fire engine, much to James’ humiliation.
After this, a Stationmaster’s small boy keeps teasing James about fire engines – until he in turn is saved from a burning workman’s hut by James using his tender’s water to put the flames out!

Thomas is waiting at the New Station when Bertie rushes in delayed because of a police delay – the night before, a ‘ram raid’ had happened to a shop in the town. At the same time, a ram of the ‘other’ kind is waiting at Ffarquhar to be delivered down the line to its new owner – and it’s name is Rowdy, due to his habit of running onto the railway and disrupting the trains. Taken aboard Clarabel’s guard compartment, the train reaches its destination and Rowdy is left in an old lock-up – and soon escapes into a field. But this ram with Thomas’s direction solves the case of the ram raid – and as a result Thomas is made an honorary Special Constable – much to Annie and Clarabel’s amusement when they start reeling off Thomas’ “criminal record”...!

Oliver is feeling somewhat unsettled in the wake of the news about Thomas and Jane. Sodor Castle and Squaddie however discover that Oliver longs for adventure – and relate to him tales of the Ambulance trains from the War. Oliver realises that he should be content with his passengers – until one day he stops to find a motorcyclist has had an accident and the ambulance team cannot remove him from the cutting. It takes Oliver to be a truly Great Western engine to help rush the man to hospital- but afterwards he doesn’t feel half dizzy himself, much to Sodor Castle’s amusement.

With the other engines all talking about the railway’s own “emergency service team”, Henry’s cynicism shows through when he dismisses James Thomas and Oliver for their efforts as “little engines”. The next day Henry goes to the works for a motion-set overhaul and after, is allowed to carry out some ‘running in trials’ – including make a delivery of a flat truck. Unfortunatly the flat truck in question is a villain named Croc – long, low, stealthy and liable to go SNAP! on an engine when they least suspect it.
Croc manages to damage his own brakes and cause a runaway – but it is Henry who swoops in to save the day and call time on Croc’s antics, before returning home to a hero’s welcome and finally acknowledging that all engines can be heroes...