ERS 141 - Commemoration Engines

ERS 141 - Commemoration Engines - Simon et al.

Story Summaries by Ian

All storylines devised by Simon

Edited by Christopher, Sean & Ian



Written by Fox

Oliver’s dark mood has cast a shadow over the Little Western, and after many uncomfortable weeks he finally reveals exactly what is playing so heavily on his mind; it is forty years since his escape to Sodor. Duck, Sodor Castle, Winston and Robert listen quietly as he recounts the full saga. From the closure of his branch line and being moved to a yard with many other unwanted engines, to the night his crew arrived with a plan to save him from his terrible fate. Narrow escapes abound but the party are helped by unexpected friends and understanding strangers, before finally coming to a stand in Barrow yard…



Written by Fox & Simon
As Oliver finishes his story, the other engines share their own tales of survival. Sodor Castle mentions his time spent in a museum before attention turns to Squaddie and his own brush with the scrap yards. Moved to Barry after withdrawal and stripped of parts for the preservation of other locomotives, he was a sorry state when finally reaching Sodor. The others are shocked and humbled by this, as they are as they remember Robert’s terrible experiences with his brother on arrival to Sodor. Reflecting on such unhappy memories, the engines determine to continue being ambassadors for those are there kinds who did not survive into preservation.

Written by Simon

While practising a speech for the ‘End of Steam’ Gala, the Fat Controller has an idea; re-enacting the end of steam. Several engines are sent to the works, to be repainted into former liveries and ‘grimed’ up. The engines are unsure about it all, with the big engines deemed it to be a disgrace; especially when Sodor Castle has rust painted on to him!
Oliver is most unhappy that enthusiasts are no longer taking his picture as he goes by, but that is nothing compared to the angry crowd he gathers at the big station that evening to complain about the state of all the trains to the Fat Controller!



Written by Ryan
With the engines and carriages quickly cleaned to save any more complaints from the passengers, the Fat Controller prepares for the end of the Gala; a BR themed ‘Last Train’. Sodor Castle is chosen for the task, and is suitably adorned with head code and appropriate stock. As he prepares for the run, he reflects on how each engine’s circumstances have differed; from those who have never known the fear of scrap, to those who experienced such several times. The Fat Controller makes his final speech as Sodor Castle looks forward to the future, something to be cherished by those lucky enough to see it.