ERS 140 - Special Guest Engines

ERS 140 - Special Guest Engines - Ian

The final volume of my personal Skarloey / Talyllyn trilogy, along with PS&TTR which I helped write with Ryan, and D&TTE.


A simple incident that has been witnessed at pretty much any railway station the world over, that of a small child frightened by the noise and steam of an engine. Duncan is informed he will be heading home from Wales at the end of the season, and wonders what will have changed at home following the appointment of the Tall Controller. It is unfortunate then that the young girl Duncan accidentally upsets is the daughter of his new boss…

Partially written because I wanted some air time for the Skarloey Railway carriage stock, and I’m glad I managed to get a variety in here. Sir Handel makes rude remarks about the Talyllyn people sending back Skarloey Railway engines when they need overhauling, only to fail himself with a faulty air-pump. In truth, his bad temper stems from his jealousy at having been over looked for a return visit for so many years.

Rusty takes pity on the shed bound Sir Handel and hauls him into the yard to be admired. Shamus is impressed by Rusty’s kind nature, and during a conversation about Duncan the new diesel realises Rusty has been on the railway fifty years, but nobody has remembered to mark the occasion. Rusty implores that he wants no fuss, but later that evening the same thought occurs to Skarloey and Rheneas. At ‘Duncan Days’, the Talyllyn disguise their No 5 ‘Midlander’ as ‘Rusty’, and I thought long and hard about how to include that idea in the ERS. The story continues in…

… in which the Talyllyn Railway holds a special thank-you party for Duncan before he returns to Sodor. Rusty arrives as special guest of honour to celebrate his fifty years of service on the Skarloey. The two engines reminisce on the last few years apart, and we see how his adventure has helped Duncan mature since the incidents of his previous volume.