ERS 138 - More Diesel Engines

ERS 138 - More Diesel Engines - Christopher
When I read this fascinating article involving a collision between a Class 37 and a Class 66, it sparked a whole new idea for me to explore – although light-hearted, humorous stories are more my forte, I felt urged to try out a sort of detective-type plot using this article as the basis.


Growler, an old Class 37 Diesel, makes a surprising visit to Sodor when his old shedmate, BoCo, thought he had been scrapped long ago. Dick recalls Growler being part of his old company years ago, remembering how grumpy and troublesome he had been. However, Growler proves to being very well-mannered and friendly, in spite of his fierce-sounding engine, until he has a near miss with the Express on his return journey to the Mainland...when he runs away without anyone in his cab and collides with Dilworth's goods...


Growler is sent to the Works for repairs while the Police arrive to investigate. The engines become torn over the incident and neither can decide – was Growler's incident accidental or deliberate...?


With no further proof, it is decided that Growler's age was the cause behind the incident; assumed to be faulty braking. Growler's future is undecided, but BoCo refuses to give up on his old friend. It's only when Dick suffers a similar mishap in Tidmouth Yards late one night, that the mystery is solved – both Growler and Dick had been sabotaged by vandals!


The engines agree that vandals had been responsible for Growler's accident, and Donald and Douglas set up a plan to catch them. With help from Daphne and Dilworth, the four engines nab the guilty party red-handed, and clear Growler's name. As a heartfelt apology, the Fat Controller repairs Growler at his works, and the old diesel returns to his own depot, forever grateful for the Sudrian Engines.