ERS 136 - Last of the Goods Engines

ERS 136 - The Last Of The Goods Engines - Simon

Story Summaries by Ryan



The Fat Controller is holding a Gala event to celebrate the success of NW Freight.  The Fat Controller explains his plans for the event, and makes Sammie the centre-piece of the final event, alongside a special guest engine.  The first demonstration goods train is to be hauled by Sammie and Blandford to recreate a scene from the Somerset and Dorset Railway, with a 9F and a 7F running together.



With the upgrades made to the Wellsworth Branch following the opening of the Oil Refinery, it now means that bigger engines can use this line.  So, the next part of the Gala sees goods traffic from this line being transported.  Sammie and James are to double-head a train of tar wagons from the Oil Refinery and onto the Main Line, much to James’s dislike.  But the plans change at the last minute with a double departure scheduled instead.  Sammie will instead meet James at Brendam and follow him to Vicarstown.  But the scene goes horribly wrong as both engines pull out – Sammie whacks into the barrier van separating him from the tar wagons, and derails.  Luckily, the van has detached from the rest of the train and everything is safe.  BoCo arrives with a crane to rerail Sammie and finds the problem has been her flangeless wheels have not agreed with the new points at the Refinery.  After all her teasing about James’s incident with tar wagons, Sammie is lost for words...



Gordon is reminded of the time Edward helped him over the hill when a Driver, Phil, writes home to his family on a postcard with the image on the front.  It turns out that he and Edward will be recreating that scene for the Gala.  Sammie, unfamiliar with the event, becomes concerned when she overhears Gordon boasting at Edward, (recreating scenes from The Three Railway Engines) and becomes even more incensed when she hears him complaining about hauling a goods train as he passes her by.  Later, Sammie proceeds to tell him off, only to find he had been acting the whole time!  Gordon is almost flattered – and he and Edward think that perhaps their acting that afternoon had been somewhat too good!



The visiting engine attending the Gala is confirmed by Will to be another 9F, much to Sammie’s elation.  But it is shortlived when she discovers who the other engine is going to be – her rival, Evening Star.  Evening Star was the last engine built for British Railways, an honour that Sammie believed should have been hers.  This stirs up some feelings in Edward, which he can relate to, but does not wish to discuss.  But when the event rolls around and neither Sammie or Evening Star will speak to one another – Edward feels he must air his feelings, and relates a story about how he was passed over for a very important event in the railway’s history, in favour of another older engine.  Edward felt so bitter at the time, he chose never to speak to the engine again – and never got the chance to make amends as the engine was withdrawn soon after... and Edward regrets the chance he never took to set things right – and he doesn’t want to see Sammie make the same mistake.  Reluctantly, Sammie makes the first move and the two engines finally put things right.