ERS 135 - East Coast Engine

ERS 135 - East Coast Engine - Ian


Gordon suffers a series of delays and the subsequent teasing puts him in a bad mood. When talk starts of a new diesel coming to look after Gordon’s trains, he takes his anger out on the diesel engines which causes bad feeling in the shed. Determined to prove himself, he pushes himself too hard on a final run and is stopped when one of his cylinders overheats. Being rescued by Sam is one thing, but Gordon is far from pleased when Wendell takes the train on. This story sets up the causality for introducing the new diesel to Sodor, who arrives in the next story.

Although more of a steam enthusiast than diesel, the incredible size and power of the Deltics has long fascinated me. The idea to introduce the class to the ERS came following the acquisition of a second hand Bachmann model. However, a good back story was needed, and during my research the idea of ‘a bequest’ came to light. When Daphne arrives in the big shed, she and the Fat Controller explain how she came to Sodor, and of her rescue from scrap some 25 years before.

With Gordon away, Henry and James take their tempers out on Daphne, and James is rude on more than once occasion about Daphne’s loud motors. When he takes on poor quality coal and fails at Thomas’ junction, it is Daphne’s turn to laugh at him. However, in a cruel twist of fate the tables are turned when Daphne finds herself stuck in the middle of a line side fire drama. The line side fire was based on personal experience, when a ‘Wales and West’ Birmingham to Shrewsbury service was stopped neared Sandwell and Dudley due to a factory fire. The evacuation was much the same. The tale of brown coal mix-up came to me by a volunteer from the Rudyard Lake Railway, who explained such an error had occurred in the very early days of the preserved railway.

Loosely based on a rescue attempt from South Wales where a Freightliner coal train failed between Newport and Cardiff, the engine sent to the rescue was found to be too small for the attempt and another engine was then substituted. Daphne is to haul a special train to her Naming Ceremony, but finds the line disrupted by Henry who has stalled with a line of heavy trucks. By agreeing to take the train on herself, Daphne not only helps clear the line, but makes friends with Henry in the process. The only down side is being late for her own party!