ERS 132 - Thomas The Shunting Engine

ERS 132 - Thomas The Shunting Engine - Old Square Wheels

Story Summaries by Fox

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan


Jinty needs an overhaul and so Thomas is asked to go to Tidmouth to act as Station Pilot and relive his younger days.


Thomas is appointed to go and be Tidmouth’s Shunting engine while Jinty is repaired. However Annie and Clarabel become concerned, even when they are placed in the capable care of Toby.
Thomas prepares to leave for Tidmouth one morning...but doesn’t count on a group of delinquent schoolboys playing in the carriage sheds and releasing Clarabel’s brakes. The two coaches roll away from their shed and follow Thomas, much to everyone’s amusement – as if they wanted to follow Thomas to his new home!

Thomas reaches the Big Station and is greeted by Gordon before settling down to his new position – remembering his old routine with ease. He settles in well with the Main Line Engines but Gordon becomes conceited about his Express running routine.
However one morning in a change of plan Thomas has to shunt a freight train into Gordon’s Express platform, waiting for the delayed engine...but it is Gordon who reaches the station first and has to ‘step out’ of his normal routine!


The shunting is getting busy and with the extra work as shunting yards are redeveloped, Thomas has to rise earlier and earlier. Thoma sis surprised when his Fireman arrives an hour earlier – the clocks have gone forward for summer. Thomas is rushed off his wheels and goes for a drink when BoCo arrives with a rake of trucks. Without Thomas to direct him, BoCo leaves his trucks on a siding thinking that he has an hour before Henry arrives.
But his Driver hasn’t changed his watch from the night before and Henry has to jam o his brakes to avert a nasty accident...!


The Railway’s AGm is fast approaching and the Express Engines are debating who will pull the Officials Train. But the Pullman coaches to be used are out of order and Thomas is away on other duties. To add to the mixup, the signalman at the main station is ill, but gallantly vows to work through his shift.
Thomas returns and starts to shunt Gordon’s coaches away until he whistles for a road – and finds no reply. His driver, frustrated, enters the signalbox only to find the signalman has fainted from sickness – and discovers that Thomas doesn’t have to shunt the coaches!
In the end, Squaddie leaves with the AGM train on time, the signalman is relieved to recover from his illness and Thomas leaves for his home on the Branchline, leaving with fond memories and cheery farewells from the Big Engines.