ERS 127 - The Electric Engines

ERS 127 - The Electric Engines - Christopher

Since the birth of SiF and the Extended Railway Series, there had been for several years an idea floating about of developing an ERS volume of the Electric Line, which runs on the Peel Godred Branch. The idea had merit but seemed to be constantly “jinxed” with ideas or characters not meeting merits. At long last, with support, thorough research and major brainstorming from the ERS Team, I finally managed to put an end to this “pipe dream” by giving the Electric Line the attention it has sorely craved, with new characters for potential development later on...


While waiting for his turn at the Works, Blandford meets an unusual engine there – her name is Abbey, one of the few Electric Engines who run the Peel Godred Branch. Abbey tells Blandford all about her friends and jobs up in the hills and admits, though they have never received much attention, that are happy enough to work quietly in the background. Usually suspicious over strange engines, Blandford is quickly won over by Abbey's kindness, and the pair chat happily long into the night.

Not long after, a new Electric Engine arrives to help with the heavier work, leaving Abbey to handle the lighter work. The newcomer is called Kirk and doesn't warm to the idea of being secluded from the “other famous engines” on Sodor. Things go from bad to worse when James, impatient as usual, passes under the overhead wires at Killdane and causes a flashover, which takes a chunk out of his funnel!This was a common problem for steam engines when overhead wires were first introduced; any steam engine that proved hazardous had to wear a Yellow Stripe...which the other engines remark to James near the end of the story.

Following James's Flashover, Kirk feels crosser still that their line's reputation is dampened by a simple mishap. His temper becomes worse, moaning that they'll never be a book written about their line, and he pays the price for it when he suffers engine failure in front of a group of visitors – who are keen to write a history of the Peel Godred Electric Branch, and include Kirk's mishap to teach him a lesson!\

Written by Ian
The Electric Manager is pleased with the forthcoming book, and arranges a rail tour to mark its launch. Dane, other Electric, is chosen to pull the train and loftily shows Kirk how a sensible engine pulls trains. He proves that he's not as infallible as he thought when he suffers an electrical fault, which separates the train and loses all power. Kirk arrives to put things right and redeems himself by keeping the train on time. Afterward, he apologies to Abbey and Dane for his behaviour, and all three settle down to become Really Useful – and popular – Engines.