ERS 126 - Thomas's Branch Line

ERS 126 - Thomas's Branch Line - 01Salty

Set at numerous points in time, during the early years of Thomas’ Branch Line. Told in flashback by the engines over a number of evenings.

The shorter line from the new Junction to Toryreck has been completed, but passes through farmland and as a result there are a number of farm crossings along the line. One day Thomas gets delayed when a herd of sheep break through one of the gates, leaving it across the line and ends up getting Thomas derailed.

During a morning journey to the Quarry, a loose rock falls and breaks Toby’s bell chain. Until it is repaired he has to use his whistle, which causes trouble when a relief signalman confuses Toby for Percy- sending him down the Harbour Line by accident.

Heavy rain has caused delays for the engines. Whilst at the new Harbour at Knapford, Percy has an argument with an unruly boat captain who dislikes railways. Later that night, Percy has to go through flood waters with a train- but gets a surprise when he collides with the barge of the rude captain. He finds out that, in the dark, the captain thought he was going down the river instead of over the railway line.

During Percy’s repairs, Terence is called in to help with the shunting at Ffarquhar Yard. The trucks at first enjoy his company (due to him not being rude or bumping them), but soon become bored and impatient with his slow movement. They plan to break free and run away, but this plan comes to a stop when they are diverted onto a runaway siding almost immediately.