ERS 123 - Valley Engines

ERS 123 - Valley Engines - Christopher

Rognvald settles in well at the Mid Sodor Heritage Line, and is enthralled by the stories surrounding the old railway's past - namely the downfalls of Albert and Stanley. Bottom jokes that their "ghosts" still haunt the hills to this day; but when Rognvald takes a night-time special up the line some days later, he hears what sounds like a mournful whistle echoing from up the valley...and is sure that Bottom is right...

Rognvald is so terrified from his encounter, he refuses to go back up the line for fear of Albert or Stanley coming back to "haunt" him. This leaves Edwin Richard, Buzz and Evan with more work to do, and Bottom feels guilty for causing their predicament. So he decides to head down the steep valley to investigate further - where upon he discovers the Small Railway, and reveals that it was one of their engines whistling that night, not a ghost. They also find out the reason why...

Jock is put on maintenance trains with Frank and Sigrid following a service before returning to passenger duties. The diesels tell Jock to keep a watchful eye for possible trespassers or vandals on the railway, which the young engine takes to heart. So when he makes a late night run to the quarry, he mistakes the Night Watchman for a thief, and whistles loudly to give him a fright! He realises his mistake - but doesn't realise that, far up the valley, Rognvald hears his whistle loud and clear...

After learning of their mistakes, Rognvald and Jock become cross with one another, complaining how each think the other to be stupid. It comes to the point where Bottom makes his second trip across the valley where he tells both engines that they actually have something in common - though they're young they will make mistakes, which they will learn from and become Really Useful again. After that, things on the Heritage Line and the Small Railway return to normal - though Bottom has vowed never to make that steep a trip again!!