ERS 122 - Sodor & The Special Visitors

ERS 122 - Sodor & The Special Visitors - Evan et al.

Story Summaries by Fox & Ryan

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan


The stories here are all derived from events that took place during the SiF Week In Wales 2007, but have been somewhat adapted and altered to fit the confines of a book, presented here.


Written by Christopher

The Thin Controller informs his engines that a special group of rail enthusiasts who had contributed a lot to Sodor’s railways over the last few years is coming to visit. He selects Ivo Hugh to haul their charter train but this goes to Ivo Hugh’s smokebox and makes for a bumpy ride which leads to a rather embarrassing clash indeed... this was based on our trip to the Talyllyn Railway where Chris The Xelent and Ryan managed to get footplate rides on Tom Rolt - and it proved every bit as bouncy and care-free as the story suggests!


Written by Ryan
The following day after Ivo Hugh’s rough ride, it is Duke’s turn to take the Visitors upto the Lake. However Duke is not amused by the antics of the Visitors – especially when cab rides and filming are called into question! As the day goes on, events turn into a comedy of errors which serve to wear the old engine down – until the Visitors say thank you to Duke in a very special manner!  This story was a fusion of our day at the Ffestiniog, where eight of us rode on the footplate of Blanche (2 a time by the way!), and our day on Talyllyn lake when an RAF plane flew overhead as we messed around in rowing boats!


Written by Clay

For the summer season, BoCo is tasked to bring a rake of tourist coaches over for Edward’s Branch line. However, one special coach named Rebecca with no windows – an open coach- is far from friendly and decides to be as snooty whenever possible.  Edward meets the Visitors and takes them along his line – but still Rebecca complains and grumbles. Edward bangs her, which leads her to close doors on Edward, the Visitors and everyone until a Guard can help out and let them into Rebecca.  In the end, Rebecca is shunted where she deserves – with the trucks.

This story was based on our day out at the Vale of Rheidol railway where we almost held the train up by alighting at a station and clamouring toward the open coach - believing it was locked because the door wouldn't open!


Written by Alaric

James takes the Visitors from Wellsworth to Thomas’s Branch line, where they are astonished to find that their train to meet the Fat Controller is hauled by none other than Thomas. The Visitors are thrilled to travel in Annie and Clarabel -and one lucky member gets to ride in Thomas’ Cab. The journey is pleasant until a herd of sheep stray onto the line, causing Thomas to worry as they would be late – until he can chase them off the line with his steam and noise!  The Fat Controller is pleased indeed and so is Thomas – until he spies one of the Visitor’s souvenir of the day...!  This story was based on our day at the Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon) - where sheep ran across the line in front of the mighty Garratt.  It is fused with our Last Supper evening at The Railway Inn at Abergynolwyn on the last night of our trip where Fox ordered a leg of lamb, which arrived long after the rest of the food!


Written by Chris The Xelent
The Little Engines are briefed by the Thin Controller that they are to take part in a special event – all happy apart from Sir Handel, keen not to go to the dirty Wharf – and Peter Sam who is still upset about Ivo Hugh’s scolding, both of which lead to some friction.  That evening, the Little Engines are at the Wharf, awaiting a late-running Peter Sam who comes rushing in and tries to squeeze into position in what becomes a very tight squeeze indeed. Eventually things are put right and Gordon puffs by with the Visitors – to an array of cheers, whistles and horns. But it is a last gift left by the Visitors that makes everyone smile... The Talyllyn Railway held a special event on the 23rd of August 2007 when they had every single engine in working order on display down at Wharf Station at the end of their Duncan Day.  The events that took place in the story all took place, with Edward Thomas nearly bashing into Dolgoch, and the engines giving a
Railwayman his last salute!