ERS 121 - Engines on Television

ERS 121 - Engines on Television - Chris The Xelent


When Percy starts chanting about a small television crew coming to Sodor, everybody starts talking excitedly about who might be filmed. But Bear seems to think that these ‘ramblers’ don’t seem worth bothering about.


When Sodor Castle finds out that the TV Crew are on the express, he’s mistaken for thinking that they’re trying to film him. As such, he chooses to try and run as fast as possible to put on a good show for the cameras.
But will he overlook the speed limits outside The Works station?


Another attempt to pull The Flying Kipper successfully is thwarted when Henry fails with a hot bearing. However, by re-arranging his valve gear, the two cameramen enable him to reach the Works on one cylinder.


Halfway through taking a special train for the cameras, Duke fails with a broken gauge glass. Sadly, this happens just before the camera crew is due to leave, so filming cannot be completed.  But, as proved before, he’s never forgotten!