ERS 116 - The Small Controller's Engines

ERS 116 - The Small Controller's Engines - Fox & Stuart

In which the strangest and newest resident of the Small Railway is brought to life - bringing trouble with him but for unusual reasons. Eventually his potential is realised...


The Small Controller ponders upon another diesel for the railway. Meanwhile Mike and Rex get into a teasing war over Rex’s lightfootedness, resulting in Rex’s pride billowing out of proportion – and his humiliation on the gradients with a heavy engineering train. Afterwards, Mike refuses to let go of it – and meanwhile, consultation for a new build is happening at Crovan’s Gate...

Mike refuses to leave Rex alone about his slipping up – until his driver distracts Mike about speed records. Mike, keen to beat the ‘72mph’ he hears about takes out his goods train – and on the return trip attempts to break the speed record with humiliating consequences! As a result Mike is sent away for lengthy repairs at the Works – and elsewhere within the DHAP’s Workshop, something terrible stirs...


The new engine – a large blue diesel is brought to the Small Railway. However, first impressions do do not go well as the newcomer is quietly proud and stern. Further trouble occurs when the Small Controller spots the new diesel being brash. Furthermore the new engine, now nicknamed ‘Big Blue’ is trialled on a passenger train with Sigrid – which displeases him immensely!
After a disastrous journey, both Mr Yeoman and the Small Controller are left unimpressed and banish the sulky Big Blue to the Small Railway workshops.


The new diesel has bene left untouched by the Small Railway until one late afternoon, Winston rolls alongside. After an intense conversation, whereby his main motives are revealed, ‘Big Blue’ is ploughed into a deep, silent train of thought even as his repairs and maintenance is conducted. It is a solemn and less intense diesel that leaves the works.
After a few weeks of trials, it is agreed that ‘Big Blue’ is to be brought into revenue earning service. He is thus named after the old Chief Engineer of the Small Railway - Ivan Farrier.
His debut does not go smoothly - although his own trains are punctual, a jealous Mike seizes up and it is an unfortunate Frank who suffers from engine failure – leaving ‘Ivan the Terrible’ – the strict, powerful and mighty new diesel to save the day!