ERS 114 - Tremendous Tank Engines

ERS 114 - Tremendous Tank Engines - Christopher

With thanks to Ian's inventive contributions to the Overhaul, he suggested me revising this volume to work as a two-parter for his follow-up, Adventures of the Ffarquhar Fleet. While the latter tells how the engines handled without Brad, this volume tells of how Brad handled working on a different line, and how silly trucks made it most unpleasant indeed.

A new factory supplying parts for the Arlesburgh Port is being built on Duck's Line, and Brad is sent there to help out. Duck and Oliver make him feel very welcome and introduce him to the Small Railway Engines. Brad soon gets a taste of their love for jokes when Rex and Mike fool Bert into thinking that a banner of green flags is his “right away”, and nearly leaves his Guard behind!

Work on the new factory comes along a treat, but the trucks – a new bunch who aren't used to “our ways” – are tired of being ordered about by Duck and Brad and, just as Diesel had done long before, spread lies between the two engines, making one think that the other is trying to outdo him. So their friendship becomes competitive, and an incident only makes things worse...

With Duck and Brad cross at one another, work on the new factory begins to slow. Oliver is worried and tries to think of a way to get the two engines working together again. But he forgets to mind his signals and winds up causing an accident with empty carriage stock.
Oliver's mishap, which continues into the next story, is inspired from a similar incident which happened at Victoria Station, 1946.

When news of Oliver's accident reaches the Top Station, Brad and Duck put their differences aside and waste no time in clearing the mess, rescuing Oliver and keeping the trains running. Pleased with their hard work, Duck and Brad apologise and become friends again. When they find out about the trucks, though, they give them a lesson that they'll never forget!