ERS 112 - The Two Henrys

ERS 112 - The Two Henrys - Christopher

It is mentioned in Chris Awdry's Reading Between the Lines that the Fat Controller's workshops have had impressive updates to enable locomotive repairs for every engine on the Island. And following from Henry's rebuild at Crewe after his accident, the current Fat Controller had been considering manufacture of parts for Black 5 locos for use on Heritage Railways. With the Hatt Steam Trust in swing, it was just the starting board for the Fat Controller to gather the pieces and put them into practice...although the final result has had some mixed effects for “our” Henry.

James returns to the shed one evening, claiming to have seen Henry's “Twin” at the Works. No one believes this at first until Bear encounters “double trouble” himself, forcing Henry to investigate and for the Fat Controller to reveal his latest “project”.
Basically a tie in with the A1 Trust (while twisting it somewhat), the Fat Controller agrees to put together a preservation-bound Black 5 while testing and experimenting with the Caprotti Valve Gear, designed and named after Italian Engineer Auturo Caprotti. Even so, Henry is still unsure of all this...

The new engine – known as No.33 – proves to be very strong, fast and constantly cheerful as he undergoes his trials. Henry, on the other wheel, is not happy with everyone talking about the “Two Henrys” wherever he goes, and worries even more when he suspects of being replaced by the new engine. When No.33 runs into trouble with his valve gear on a test run, however, Henry comes to his rescue but still feels threatened to see No.33 taking his mishap very lightly...

With trials complete, the Fat Controller decides to make use of the “Two Henrys” by sending them along Edward's Branch (now updated to suit heavier traffic and engines) to run clay trains along the line for visitors. Henry is still not happy and the tension between he and his “twin” becomes sour...but when Henry is threatened by Bill and Ben (accused of being a “sea monster”), No.33 gets the last laugh by surprising the cheeky engines...and for once Bill and Ben are the ones left seeing double!!

In the same vein as Squaddie, problems with the Caprotti Valve Gear hinders No.33's performance, so the Fat Controller really tests his skills by letting him double-head Henry on the Flying Kipper. It proves more bad than good when No.33's valve gear freezes up, letting Henry taken the train on alone. The experiment is deemed a failure, and the Fat Controller decides to remove No.33's Caprotti and return him to his normal running standard. Henry at once feels sorry for his “twin” and comes up with an idea for No.33 to uphold Mr. Caprotti's roots. So it comes to pass that No.33, in a handsome black livery, leaves Sodor for his new home on the Heritage Line – proudly christened “ATRURO”.