ERS 110 - The Four Express Engines

ERS 110 - The Four Express Engines - Clay

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Christopher


When Gordon has trouble keeping up to speed, he is pulled out of Express Services temporarily, leaving James, Henry and Sodor Castle the chance to impress. When Sodor Castle starts his turn, Gordon is quick to remind him of his early follies when he came to Sodor, making the Great Western Engine determined to give Gordon a run for his money. However, some silly boys jam the points near the Works Station with rocks, meaning that Sodor Castle is stuck on the middle line. He is forced to bring the train through the station then reverse them into the platform until the rocks are cleared from the points. When he hears about it, Gordon jokes that Sodor Castle would make a better shunting engine than an Express one – but James thinks that Gordon himself would be better suited himself!

When Gordon is repaired again, he is scheduled to take a special goods train, giving Henry a turn with the Express. Henry's hope for a fast run are ruined thanks to bad weather and heavy rain – which causes a tree to fall on the line beyond Henry's Tunnel. Henry has to wait for help to arrive – but doesn't dare back into the tunnel to take shelter for fear of reviving past he stays out in the pouring rain until Wendell brings the Breakdown Train to clear the tree off the line. Henry is very late finishing his journey, but the Fat Controller praises him for finishing it safely.

During Henry's incident on the same day, Gordon is having a difficult time with his goods train. He just manages to tackle his hill, but the silly trucks, taking advantage of the slippery rails, push him down the other side. Despite his ATP Brakes kicking in, Gordon is still going too fast to make a complete stop, and overshoots a “Danger” Signal. Ahead the line is blocked by a mudslide and Gordon runs straight through it. The train remains intact, although very muddy when Gordon is at last able to stop. Sam and Dilworth find the funny side; at least Gordon saved them the job of clearing most of the line for them!

Henry and Gordon moan about their bad luck that night in the shed, until Bear reminds them that they're not all flawless when it comes to pulling the Express. James is delighted to be offered the chance to pull the Express again; being relegated to stopping services, he hopes to be invited to pull it full time again. When he makes his run, he waits at Edward's Station for a banker up the hill, filling his tank to pass the time. When BoCo eventually arrives to help, the Fireman forgets to close the injector before setting off; and just as they get the train running smoothly too much water is carried over into the cylinders. The Driver realises just in time before any priming occurred, and they safely stop the train to prevent any damage. Time is wasted draining out the extra water and making enough steam to finish their run. After that, the Fat Controller agrees that “it'd be best to leave the Express work to better equipped engines.”