ERS 109 - Blandford the Somerset Engine

ERS 109 - Blandford the Somerset Engine - Chris The Xelent

 Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Chris The Xelent



Whith the Peak season approaching, ballast trains on Duck’s branch line are more frequent than usual. However, it quickly becomes apparent that both Donald & Douglas are long overdue for overhauls, revealing a gap for emergency cover.


A new engine, Blandford, is brought in on a trial basis to help out on the ballast trains. However, he remains suspiciously quiet around the two Western tank engines. But when he’s confronted by two of the small engines, the reasons for his grudge become clear.

Still holding his grudge, Blandford ignores Duck’s advice regarding the tunnel north of the Big Station. But a runaway followed by an accident makes him quickly realize that his judgment might have got the better of him.

With Blandford away for repairs, a particularly bad run for Duck highlights the need for such an engine on the Little Western. But sooner than he thinks, the Somerset engine is repaired and quickly makes up for his grudge, staying on as a full time resident.