ERS 108 - Last Of The Crewe Engines

ERS 108 - Last Of The Crewe Engines - Loey Machan & Simon


It’s 1965 and Engine 92250 – Samarkland pulls into Horton Road shed in Gloucester for the last time.  The shed is due to close, and the engines who live there are due to go for scrap.  Robbie, her Driver, is both upset and angry at her fate – and blasts his manager, Mr Beech.  However, Beech has some good news for Robbie and Sam – but is not entirely keen on the situation himself.  Samarkland has been chosen for a move to Tidmouth!



Thirty-eight years later, Sammie is on her way back to Sodor from York, having spent a period at the National Railway Museum on loan.  It’s on the way back that she is stopped at a station for a signal set at danger – as a Diesel hauling a train of coal trucks screeches and slides into the station, having over-run a signal and now being brought to an automatic stop by his TPWS system.  Following the surprise stop, he finds his brakes have bound to his wheels – and he’s blocking the station.  Sammie kindly helps the Diesel, Dilworth, shift his train into the adjacent sidings.  The two engines strike up conversation, and she finds that Dilworth’s train is heading to Sodor.  Eager to start work again after several hours of delay, Sammie offers to take over, and hauls the train home.



Sammie is taken out to listen to a concert on her ‘birthday’.  But she’s reminded of the past, and the memories keep coming flooding back with a special visit from her former Driver, Robbie, who has since retired.  She reminisces in the night with Will – one of the trainee cleaners who is staying in the women’s bunkhouse next to the sheds – and later wakes the next morning to find that Robbie has passed away in the night.  But a personal memento from his will provides a heart-wrenching truth, when it’s dropped on the floor and smashes – the paperwork for Sammie’s transfer was tampered with to change the 3 to a 5... her sister Grace, 92230 should have been saved instead.



Sammie is still feeling guilty and sad following her troubles.  But she gets a welcome boost when Will is given the chance to be her Firewoman, and Dilworth helps pilot her train to Barrow.  But Sam is sluggish and downbeat, and Will decides to put this right by showing her some tough love in order to get her back to her very best once again.  Sammie gives it her all – and powers up Gordon’s Hill with Dilworth, and thanks to her tremendous effort, Will is passed as a Cleaner on the railway.



Will is given the option to train to be a Firewoman on the railway, and is given a position on Sammie to fulfil her objective.  Meanwhile, the shed cat, Vicky chooses to have her kittens on Sammie’s footplate, and she and her crew decide to name one of the kittens, Robbie, after her dearly departed Driver.  It all ends happily with Will and the Driver and Fireman getting ready to take Sammie out along the main line – with the little bird they rescued, Blue, now feeling confident and well enough to fly back out into the wider world.