ERS 107 - Edwin Richard's New Home

ERS 107 - Edwin Richard's New Home - Ryan

This is the point we had been building to for quite some time, where Edwin Richard would move on from the Skarloey Railway and up to the Mid Sodor Heritage instead.  I always had designs on introducing a Diesel service to the railway, given that many narrow gauge railways do for the ease of convenience and cost – but remains a factor that the Talyllyn choose not to use currently.  A little something different – and we got the wonderful Shamus out of it!



The Mid-Sodor Heritage Railway bring in a new Diesel from Bord Na Mona in Ireland to help with their next extension to Ulfstead Road.  He is given the affectionate nickname of Irish Pete by the workmen, and his presence on the railway allows Buzz and Evan to continue their passenger work without concern.  However, Pete proves unreliable and breaks down when pulling a train to the extension.  Much as the workmen try to fix him, it is no good – and the Manager decides to send him over to Mr Hugh to see what can be done instead.



Pete is successfully repaired by Mr Hugh and his team, whilst Sir Handel is sent to Mid-Sodor to help in the meantime.  When Mr Hugh sees how strong Pete can be, talk soon turns to the idea of running a Diesel passenger service – a move which everyone bar Edwin Richard sees potential positives in.   But when he suffers a broken spring, and Pete is sent to help him home, he proves a massive hit with the crews who want to try and utilise him more on the railway – however, Edwin Richard still has his doubts.



The swap has proven to be a massive coup for both the Skarloey Railway and the Mid Sodor Heritage, with Sir Handel’s presence drawing in more visitors than ever, and Irish Pete being of great benefit to the others on the Skarloey line.  Evan overhears the Thin Controller and the Mid Sodor Manager discussing the possibility of the swap becoming permanent, which alarms Sir Handel – until he’s informed he will not be affected.  They then approach the Skarloey engines and explain – Edwin Richard is who the Mid Sodor want, and reluctantly, he agrees to join them and sacrifice his position as No.10 to Irish Pete.



The engines are surprised when Pete is called to the workshops by Mr Hugh again – believing his engine has been fixed and no further work needs done.  On his last day of work on the Skarloey Railway, Edwin Richard double-heads a train with Irish Pete, prior to the handover ceremony back at Crovan’s Gate.  To mark the new beginning for the railway, Irish Pete is given a new official name, honouring one of the railway’s founders – Shamus Terboc.  After that, Edwin Richard bids a fond farewell to the Skarloey Railway and makes his way to the Mid Sodor to begin his new working life there.