ERS 106 - Daisy The Diesel Rail-Car

ERS 106 - Daisy The Diesel Rail-Car - Alaric

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Christopher


Daisy always looks forward to the Elsbridge Flower Show, and talks endlessly about it. This year includes a Horse Show, which the other engines warn Daisy to take care around. Daisy isn't worried; she thinks horses are more respectable to an engine than bulls or cows. Next day at the Junction, the Farmer brings his young foal Sally to the platform for the Flower Show. But Sally starts to explore until she meets Daisy, who doesn't take kindly to being licked at by a horse! And Henry's sudden arrival startles the foal enough to knock her cart against Daisy's cab! After that, Daisy soon changes her mind about horses.

Bad weather comes to the Island with constant rain. When one of Percy's wheel tyres slips and Daisy shunts him into the Workshops for repairs, she complains about having to suffer for Percy's mistakes and longs for a rest. Later that evening during a heavy downpour, Daisy suddenly slips on the damp rails and crashes into the level crossing before the gates are properly opened. Toby rescues her next morning and the Fat Controller promises to have her mended in good time. “At least,” Toby remarks, “you'll get the rest you wanted.”

With Daisy and Percy out of action, Ted and Mavis are granted special permission to run stone trains down to the harbour to supplement Brad and Rosie. They enjoy the change of scenery, although Daisy thinks that working with passengers is much better than “noisy, unruly trucks”. Mavis starts to wonder what it would be like to run passengers for a change. One day, some foreign visitors on a coach tour come to the Goods Station by mistake of the passenger one and miss their train back to Ffarquhar. Mavis has a plan; the Harbour has some restored brake vans under cover to be donated to Heritage Railways, and she suggests using them to take the visitors back in a 'brake van special'. Her idea works, and the visitors get the journey – and view – of their lives back to the Top Station – much to Daisy's surprise!

Daisy grumbles about Mavis's surprise passenger run, and becomes infuriates still when Toby suggest she take a goods train “to even the score”! A few days later, Mavis heads back to the quarry with a long train of empty trucks known as “The Long Haul”. She manages fine until her ejector fails just as Daisy arrives from the Junction to survey the scene, where upon Mavis cheekily coxes Daisy, as an “experienced Branch Line Diesel”, to show her how to manage trucks properly. So with Daisy keeping the brakes “off”, the two diesels set the train into motion again; despite her embarrassment Daisy doesn't allow the trucks to take advantage of her, and makes a great effort up the hill with praises galore from everyone present.
Soon, Mavis and Percy are mended and resume their normal roles again...although Daisy isn't so keen on becoming a goods engine just yet!