ERS 103 - More About Kaiser the Fireless Engine

ERS 103 - More About Kaiser the Fireless Engine - The Old Bean

 Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Christopher


Kaiser is enjoying working at the Sodor Oil Refinery, but he often feels lonely in the big yard. One night when a storm passes Sodor, Kaiser is left by the Harbour in the pouring rain to await trucks – where upon his flashbacks of his old railway in despair come back to haunt him. But just then a stray Guard's van, broken away from Bill's train, rolls into the yard. Kaiser offers the Guard to shelter in his cab, where moments later a telephone pole smashes onto the brake van. The Guard is grateful for Kasier saving his life, and agrees with his problem of feeling lonely. The Manager agrees to bring another engine to help round the Oil Refinery. Kaiser is delighted but also worried, remembering his previous flashback – could this change be for the better, or not...?

The new engine arrives shortly – a vast Class 59 diesel called Arcelia, brought on trail from the Other Railway. As Kaiser prepares a train for her trials, he realises that Arcelia is not all that she seems. She asks Kaiser to deliberately fail so as to impress the Inspector, in a bid to make her look more powerful. Kaiser refuses, but Arcelia knows of his fear of diesels and threatens him otherwise if he doesn't cooperate. But come her trial run, the tanker wagons decide to play her out and deliberately hold her back on the hill. Kaiser helps finish the run, and the Directors are impressed – but Arcelia swears vengeance..

Arcelia feels sure that she'll be sent back to the Other Railway in disgrace – either reassigned to another local or sent to a Preserved Railway to “perform” for visitors. When she learns that Kaiser is to take some important visitor a tour of the Oil Line with coaches, Arcelia comes up with another plan. She lies to the coaches that Kaiser would mistreat them like common trucks, and persuades them fight back, knowing all too well that Kaiser is unfamiliar with running coaching stock anyway. When Kaiser starts his run the coaches start playing tricks; so much so that Kaiser bumps them to make them behave. The visitors are cross and the Director sends Kaiser to the shed in disgrace.

When Bear arrives in the oil refinery later that day, Kaiser tries to warn him of what Arcelia is up to. Bear thinks the old engine is being his usual paranoid self and is sure Arcelia is actually friendly. Of course, Arcelia sweet-talks her way with Bear, who suspects nothing. But when he sees the men removing Kaiser's levers and parts, he isn't sure whether it's regular maintenance...or otherwise...

As heavy rains start to fall, Bear is sent to help Arcelia with her oil train up the hill. He again tries to talk to Arcelia, and by mentioning his concern for Kaiser, Arcelia quickly reveals her true colours – confident that Kaiser is being scrapped and she shall take his place. Bear flips out and brings the entire train to a stop, feigning weakness. Remembering the importance of the delivery, the men have no choice but to bring Kaiser out to help the train on. And (with a little help from Bear) Kaiser does so with ease, showing Arcelia up in front of the assessors! The Manager forgives Kaiser and promises to have him fully mended. Kaiser realises what Bear was up to, and remarks that his friend is a “genuine Care Bear!”
As for Arcelia, she is sent to a dusty stone quarry where the dirt and grime irritates her beyond belief!