ERS 102 - The Thin Clergyman's Railway

ERS 102 - The Thin Clergyman's Railway - Evan, Christopher, Ciremi & Sean

When we were nearing the 100th RWS volume (for the ERS V1 Library), there was a competition amongst the Staff and forum members to produce the one volume to officially mark it. Out of the two teams, Ryan's Edward & the Branch Line Engines won hands down...but although the runner up, this volume has been praised for its original storytelling from a different view point and a warm tribute to the Reverend Awdry's work and family.

(Written by Evan)
Recording a selection of RWS Stories from the eyes of the Thin Clergyman (alias the Rev. W. Awdry in the stories). And here is how it all started, as a young boy, when the Thin Clergyman and his Father witnessed the new proud Express Engine being helped up the railway's steepest hill by a kindly old blue engine..which prompts the young Clergyman to become a writer...

(Written by Christopher)
Years pass and the young boy is now a young man. The Clergyman and his Father take a day trip across the railway with an old friend, Jeremiah Jobling, who is proudly showing off his new boots. But when there is a problem with the train, Mr Joblng is forced to part with his beloved bootlaces thanks to the rough treatment of the angry red engine...

(Written by Ciremi)
The Thin Clergyman is now middle-aged, and has to make a frantic chase on a bus when he leaves his suitcase on the departing train. Chaos ensures on the journey!

(Written by Sean)
The sad day finally comes – the Thin Clergyman puts his pen down and announces his retirement. All the engines are sad, especially the Thin Clergyman's Son. But as the Clergyman's Son is taking the Express home, he is surprised find a triple-header hauling it – consisting of Percy, Duck and Thomas. And after some urging from Gordon, he decides to take up where his Father left off...maintaining tradition once more!