ERS 101 - Edward's Branch Line Again

ERS 101 - Edward's Branch Line Again  - Ryan & Christopher

During the creative dry-spell of 2006, I was joined once again by Chris Signore to pen a new volume of stories set on Edward's Branch Line, as a means of following up my then favourite volume of the V1.  Whilst not as iconic as it's predecessor, it's still a pretty strong volume, and the V2 version gave me opportunity to tie in more with the Ulfstead Extension, and allowed me a springboard in which Dick the Diesel could be introduced - who has since gone on to become a favourite among some ERS writers... 


Written by Christopher & Ryan

This story marks the first appearance of Dick the Class 66 Diesel.  BoCo is made to feel his age when a sleek new Diesel engine appears at the Refinery and suggests that he should be retired as he is outdated and outmoded by comparison.  However, when Dick’s ATP system fails and leaves him stranded on the Main Line, he isn’t quite as smug when he has to accept BoCo’s help to get moving again.



Written by Ryan

Following his incident on the Main Line, Eagle is sent to work with BoCo on Edward’s Branch Line.  There, he meets the twins, Bill and Ben, who are frustrated with the amount of trucks that are currently sitting in their yard.  They decide to take advantage of Eagle’s naivety and set him the task of shunting the trucks for them whilst they hurry back to the China Clay Works.  Eventually, Eagle finally marshals his own train together, only to find that Bill and Ben have tricked him into doing their work for them.  He’s now running late, and wants to pay them out for their deceit, but soon finds that he already has – in his own confusion, he has left the yard in such a mess that the twins now have twice as much work to do as before!



Written by Ryan & Christopher

I can recall coming up with the title for this, and getting halfway through before abandoning it.  Christopher then stepped in skilfully and saved the day, restructuring the story to make it that bit better.  Edward finally arrives back on the Branch, and sets back to work.  Meanwhile Dick the Diesel is delivering fuel around the island, and rather than waiting for Kaiser the Fireless Engine to shunt some fuel tankers for him, he ends up taking some dirty, unclean ones instead.  Dick takes the fuel to the refuelling stage for BoCo and Edward, and leaves a supply.  However, when BoCo takes some onboard, he begins to feel unwell and soon fails.  Poor Edward suffers similar trouble when dirt finds its way into his water column, and he ends up in a similar situation.  It’s now up to Dick to save the day and help Edward finish his passenger run, and help BoCo back to the junction before heading home again to the Mainland himself.



Written by Christopher

Based on the Annual Story by Christopher Awdry

Gordon finds that he cannot start a heavy Express owing to the rear coach’s brakes being so stiff they won’t come off.  Edward and his crew inform him that there’s a spare coach waiting at Wellsworth, so long as they can get the train there.  Gordon gives a great effort and brings the train to the station to fetch the new coach, and they soon discover that the problem has been a tiny nut which stopped the Guard from turning the brakes on.  But Edward praises Gordon for remembering to take care of his passengers and living up to his responsibilities.