ERS 100 - Edward & The Branch Line Engines

ERS 100 - Edward & The Branch Line Engines - Ryan

I took on the new Book 100 as a solo project to try and redevelop the storyline of finalising the push to Ulfstead.  However, along the way, the spirit of teamwork and co-operation was as strong as ever, with much of the original storylines kept intact, with minor editing, and additional help from Christopher and Loey Machan in developing storylines for the new piece.



Written by Old Square Wheels and Ryan

The character of Eagle was for the first time in the Extended Railway Series, brought out of his comfort zone at Norramby and up to the Ffarquhar Branch Line to help finish the Ulfstead extension by delivering supplies to help finish the job.  However, he doesn’t take kindly to some trainspotters and decides to get his own back when he gets confused over the idea of them ‘trying to take his number’.  Whilst approaching Gordon’s hill, where the ‘spotters’ are waiting, he lets out a large burst of steam, cloaking himself from their gaze and soaking them to the skin.  However, he ends up wasting steam that he could have used to climb the hill – and has to rely on the kindness of the spotters to get him rescued.  In turn, Eagle is sent to the Wellsworth Branch to fill in for Edward whilst he helps finish the work through to Ulfstead.



Written by Ryan, The Old Bean & Old Square Wheels

The original version of this was a tip of the iceberg story, where Thomas was growing so cocky and unlikeable, that his comeuppance was right around the corner.  I dropped this arc completely when I did the rewrite, and instead focussed upon him becoming a little bit uppity with duties for the Branch Line’s extension even over-riding the importance of Gordon’s Express.  However, the overarching moral at the end of the story is that Thomas is reminded that without the help of the other engines – the Branch Line wouldn’t be quite as special or easy to run as he’d like to think otherwise!



Storyline by Christopher

Written by Ryan

This was an opportunity to give Daisy a bit of a run in the proceedings.  Daisy is given the important task of taking the officials to do an inspection of the line prior to the official opening of the new extension.  However, there’s a fire at a hay barn, which the Fire Brigade cannot reach owing to a flat tyre.  Daisy is commandeered to take them to the scene of the blaze, holding up the inspection.  Thankfully, Daisy’s heroic actions do not scupper the extension’s chances of opening, and the Grand Opening is allowed to go ahead as planned.  But not before Daisy is given a special letter of thanks by the Sodor Fire Service, although the Fat Controller feels she may misconstrue the name ‘Green Goddess’ to the peril of the other engines...



Storyline by Ryan & Loey Machan

Written by Ryan

To further develop the new Book 100, Loey suggested I have special trains running prior to the opening of the extension – and one of the best examples was football trains, where the Ulfstead Town team would come down to play the Ffarquhar Masons, who have Mavis as their mascot.  Rosie is charged with the responsibility of bringing the Ulfstead team down to Ffarquhar, and on the way, passes a field where children are playing ball – one volleys it directly at the train, hitting off Rosie’s side and goes directly into the goal when it flies back.  The team cheer for Rosie, and when they reach Ffarquhar, they name her their new mascot to match Mavis!



Based on ‘Thomas Sees Sense’ by Ryan & Stuart
Adapted by Ryan

The original cut of this had seen Thomas become so arrogant that he deserved to come back to earth with an almighty bump, which Stuart and I delivered at the time.  However, this time around, we had dropped that arc in favour of new stories to develop the storyline focussing on the extension, and give the other engines time and space to shine.  The story sees Thomas and Rosie being chosen to haul the train which will open the new Ulfstead extension, only for Thomas to lose control of some trucks and send them flying onto the main road in Ulfstead town.  Edward makes an excuse for Thomas to save his position, fearing that the Fat Controller may remove Thomas from the double-header.  Thomas is appreciative of his friend’s efforts and the ceremony goes ahead as planned, with Edward leading the cavalcade of engines that precede Thomas and Rosie’s train into the new Ulfstead Station.