The Arlesdale Railway

The Arlesdale Railway

The Arlesdale Railway

A Little About The Arlesdale Railway

Although one of the smallest railway on Sodor, the Small Railway Engines are still very useful with to the farmers and surrounding villagers with transporting their wool and farm stock, as well as being one of the top tourist attractions for visitors. But they are more famous for providing the whole of Sodor with ballast from their mines. 

The Arlesdale Railway did not receive much attention from Christopher Awdry, who only went as far as making Jock and Frank regular characters in the stories. However, the Extended Railway Series elaborated further on the railway by developing a few more "unpublished" characters mentioned in Sodor: It's People, History & Engines - Sigrid of Arlesdale and the Blister Twins, as well as adding two new character for the ERS, Ivan Farrier and Basset. 

Other adventures included paying hosts to a few Railway Galas and a few close calls with fire, one of which caused serious damage to the Engine Workshops...

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