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Watch out now for health and safety. Anything dangerous must be taken away. If not... BAM!


Henry's Health & Safety

A Bit About Series 14

Series 14 follows on from the 2010 Special, Misty Island Rescue, with the three Logging Locos, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, as well as the new locations such as the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre and Misty Island itself featuring heavily throughout the last ten episodes of the series, along with new locations such as Whiff’s Waste Dump.


Unusually for a Thomas & Friends season, Series 14 aired within 9 months of the preceding series.  A number of episodes were also produced in 2009, possibly on the tail end of the Series 13 cycle, with the remainder being completed following production on Misty Island Rescue in 2010.


Very little has changed in terms of the series production also – however, attention was shifted from Thomas and the Steam Team to allow characters such as Diesel, Victor and the Logging Locos shine in their own right as characters, and allowed newer engines such as Charlie to play vital supporting roles to the likes of Edward.  However, whilst Stanley also returns, along with Whiff, to the fold, he does so as a background character and doesn’t speak.

Characters Introduced In Series 14


Bash & Dash The Logging Loco Twins
Ferdinand The Big Logging Loco
Scruff The Scruncher

Songs of the Series

All You Need

Sir Topham Hatt's Song (US / Canada title) / The Fat Controller's Song (UK / AUS title)

Voice Cast


Michael Angelis (UK)

Michael Brandon (USA)

















Key Production Team

Christopher Skala
Marion Edwards
Nicole Stinn
Denise Green
Sharon Miller
Jo Jordan

Robert Hartshorne

Sharon Miller

Greg Tiernan

In 2014, we ran a poll on Series 14 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes, and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!  Series 14 carried on from both Series 13 and Misty Island Rescue, expanding Sodor in CGI.

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Sharon Miller
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14.1 - Thomas's Tall Friend

Written by Sharon Miller

It’s the grand opening of the brand new Sodor Animal Park, and Thomas is given the special job of delivering the Giraffe to the site.  Cranky warns him to wait for the keeper, but Thomas is sure that the Giraffe will do as he says and leaves without him.

However, when Thomas comes to a bridge, the Giraffe won’t sit down to go under it.  Thomas tries to make him sleepy by asking Percy and Edward to let the Giraffe eat some of their leaves and apples, and eventually, he is able to go again.  But when he reaches the new Animal Park, the Giraffe won’t wake up, and there’s nothing to feed the other animals.  Thomas has to go back to the Docks and fetch the Keeper, and fetch more apples and leaves so that the Grand Opening of the park isn’t spoilt.

14.2 - James In The Dark

Written by Mark Robertson

One evening, James is given the special job of collecting the VIPs for Alicia Botti’s concert at the Town Hall.  As he will be running in the dark, the Fat Controller sends him to the Steamworks to be fitted with a new lamp – but there is nowhere on James’s front that suits, and he leaves without it, thinking that ‘lamps make engines look silly’.  And without a lamp – he cannot see properly as he puffs through the night, mistaking his friends for other engines, and collecting Farmer McColl, Farmer Trotter and their animals instead of Alicia Botti, the Mayor and the Brass Band.

But when he realises his mistake, he knows he needs the help of Edward and Thomas to put things right.  Later that evening, James helps add a little sparkle to Alicia Botti’s concert by giving her an extra special spotlight during her final performance.

14.3 - Pingy, Pongy Pick-Up

Written by Miranda Larson

Emily is an enthusiastic fan of the Sodor United Football team, and overjoyed that the engines will be helping them out on the day of the opening game of the season.  But she’s less than enthralled to be left with the least exciting job of the day when Thomas gives her the job of collecting the team’s dirty washing.  So instead, she decides to try and help James, Percy and Thomas with their jobs, rather than concentrating on her own – which leads to Percy spilling his half-time apples and James running into a siding with the fans in his coach.

But it’s only when she tries to help Thomas that she finally realises that the dirty washing is a very important job – and the team can’t play without their kit.  She manages to put things right just in time by using the novel idea of drying the kits by tying them to herself as she makes her way to the Town Square.

14.4 - Charlie & Eddie

Written by Sharon Miller

Charlie thinks Edward is no fun, so the old engine decides to prove him wrong.  However, this causes Edward to neglect his job of getting the Fat Controller’s car to Maron Station in time for the mechanic to repair it.  By the time he gets to Maron, after taking Charlie on the twisty, turny bumpy track, instead of the more direct route, he’s late and the mechanic has left on Bertie the bus.  Edward and Charlie give chase, but can’t catch Bertie – so there’s only one solution, take the car to the Steamworks.

But Kevin and the workmen have no idea how to mend cars – and end up putting a funnel on it instead, making the Fat Controller very cross.  Edward now knows the only way to make things right is to be Really Useful instead of trying to be Really Fun.

14.5 - Toby & The Whistling Woods

Written by Louise Kramskoy 

Toby is to deliver coal to the Duke & Duchess of Boxford’s Summer House, which means travelling through the Whistling Woods.  But when Toby tries to chuff through, several strange noises keep scaring him back in the direction he came.  Thomas and James are nearby, but Toby refuses to accept their help – thinking that old engines can’t ask young ones for help.  But eventually, Toby relents and asks for his friends’ help to see him through, only to discover the true beauty and magic of the Whistling Woods, and realise that it isn’t scary at all.

14.6 - Henry's Health & Safety

Written by Sharon Miller

After suffering an accident with a coal truck, Henry is taken to the Steamworks by Hiro for repair.  There, Victor discusses ‘Health and Safety’ with Henry, and how important it can be to the running of the railway.  Henry takes Victor’s warning so seriously that he begins interfering in everyone else’s work, getting Rocky to move trucks off the main line into sidings, and causing Percy to scurry about looking for his missing loads.  Soon, poor Percy has run out of water, and just as Henry has Rocky lift him out of the way, the Fat Controller arrives to warn them of an emergency where Rocky really is needed.  After this, Henry soon realises that Health and Safety has a time and a place.

14.7 - Diesel's Special Delivery

Written by Jessica Sandys Clarke

James makes Diesel feel jealous when they meet at Maithwaite Station.  James is pulling a van with pretty pink piglets for Farmer Trotter, and getting the adoration of the Sodor school children – whilst Diesel is lumbered with dull slate for the school roof.

Diesel decides he wants to be clapped and cheered too – and sets out to find new loads that will win him the same affection.  But when he offers to take Thomas’s apples and Rosie’s flowers to market, no-one notices him at all, which makes him even crosser.  So in the end, he decides to take the piglets that James has left at the farm to the school, so that the children there will clap and cheer him.

But when Diesel arrives, no-one notices him.  The children are trying to huddle under an umbrella to keep dry because the school roof is full of holes and leaking... then the Fat Controller arrives, and Diesel realises the children don’t want to see pretty pink piglets, they want a new roof for the school.

Diesel returns the piglets to Farmer Trotter, and collects the slate for the school roof.  The children are very grateful, and finally Diesel is given the clapping and cheering that he feels that he deserves.

14.8 - Pop Goes Thomas

Written by Mark Robertson

It’s the children’s summer picnic in the Whispering Woods, and Thomas is given the job of delivering lemonade.  But on the way, one of the corks for the lemonade bursts open when he goes over bumpy track.  Thomas thinks the sound it makes is very funny and decides to take a bumpier route to the Whispering Woods rather than the flat direct route.  But the popping corks cause trouble everywhere they go – knocking Mr Bubbles’ red nose off, shooting all around the bakers at the bakery and spoiling the cakes they’ve baked, hitting James, and flying into the signalbox and causing the Signalman to pull the wrong lever and send James crashing into the buffers.

When Thomas arrives at the picnic, the lemonade is all gone, and the Fat Controller is cross – even more so when the last cork bursts and knocks his hat off!  But Thomas promises to put everything right and goes off to collect more lemonade and cakes for the picnic, as well as giving Mr Bubbles a lift there.  On the way, Thomas tells him about the sound the corks made, which made him happy, and Mr Bubbles tells him there will be a sound at the picnic which will make him even happier – and he’s right.  The sound of the children cheering makes Thomas feel very happy indeed.

14.9 - Victor Says Yes

Written by Denise Cassar

It’s already a very busy day at the Steamworks, but Victor is confident that nothing will be able to break his stride.  ‘Arry and Bert want new valves, Percy wants new paint and Edward needs his broken boiler mended, but then the Fat Controller brings Gordon in for urgent repair by tea-time, which means Victor has to rearrange the workload at the Steamworks.  Further problems are caused by the arrival of Thomas, who wants his footplate repaired, and Emily, who wants her buffers polished.  But as he orders Gordon to move back, his blocked valves send soot all over the Fat Controller and his car.  He is most upset to find that no work has been done, but Victor quickly realises what he has to do, and rearranges the priorities for the Steamworks in order to get everything moving again.

With everything as it should be, the Fat Controller congratulates Victor and calls him a ‘Really Useful Engine’.

14.10 - Thomas In Charge

Written by Mark Daydy

Gordon is taking the Fat Controller and the Railway Inspector on a tour of the Island.  The Fat Controller asks Thomas to make sure he is busy shunting trucks at the Docks where the tour will conclude at the end of the day.  Thomas thinks it would be a grand idea however, to have more engines shunting there too – and asks Percy and Mavis to come to the Docks with him to help him shunt trucks for the Inspector.

However, Percy is supposed to be busy carrying the mail train, and Mavis is supposed to be shunting at the Quarry... and the Inspector is not impressed when he sees a quiet station and a deserted Quarry.  He’s even less impressed when he sees Mavis and Percy shunting coal trucks in to one another, sending their loads high into the air and covering the Railway Inspector and Fat Controller, and sending coal dust down Gordon’s funnel, stopping him from puffing.

Thomas knows he needs to set things right and takes Gordon to be repaired, so that the tour can begin again.  At the end of the day, Thomas is busy shunting at the Docks again, and doesn’t notice Gordon return with the Inspector and Fat Controller.  This time, he gives his official seal of approval and deems the Fat Controller’s Railway to be ‘The Best’.

14.11 - Being Percy

Written by Rachel Dawson

Poor Percy doesn’t feel noticed by the other engines.  So when he sees Gordon being brash and loud, and generally getting his own way, he decides that’s what he’ll do as well.

When he whistles to puff through the docks with the mail trucks, James and Thomas move quickly aside, but when he whistles to get past Toby, it doesn’t have the same effect – and only surprises the poor old tram and makes him want to stop instead.  Gordon thunders past and inspires Percy again.  He decides that he will be fast as well and switches to the Express line instead.  But by doing this, he runs straight through Maithwaite station, forgetting to collect the post bags!

His delusions of grandeur go even further when he meets Alicia Botti at Maron station and offers to take her to Knapford for dinner with the Fat Controller.  But he gets so carried away that he runs straight through Knapford and back out onto the Main Line, where he and Gordon meet again – running straight toward one another.  Both engines call for the other to move out of the way, but neither will... until Gordon is sent hurtling into a siding and crashes through the buffers.  Percy feels bad, but decides that the best way to put things right is by ‘Being Percy’.  He delivers Alicia Botti to the Fat Controller, and asks James to help him move Rocky to help Gordon.  At the end of the day, the Fat Controller and the other engines kindly remind their little green friend that while he may want to be Gordon, he’s perfect ‘Being Percy’.

14.12 - Merry Winter Wish 

Written by Miranda Larson

Thomas is given the very special job of delivering ‘The Star Of Knapford’, a very special Christmas decoration, to the Big Station.  Salty tells him that if engines make a wish on ‘The Star Of Knapford’, the wish might come true.  Thomas begins making his way to Knapford with the ‘Star’, and sees Percy on the way.  Thomas diverts from his route and chases after him to let him make a wish; he then follows Henry back to Tidmouth Sheds and lets him make one too, and finally, when chasing after James to let him make a wish, he slips and skates on icy rails and sends the star flying through the air to crash land in the snow.

Thomas feels bad, and makes his own wish – that his friends will come and help him.  James, Percy and Henry come quickly to see him and put things right.  Thomas and James hurry to collect Rocky, Henry collects Workmen, and Percy looks after the Star until they all return.  Once it is mended, they take it to Knapford and it’s put up on display for everyone to admire.  And Thomas is given a new reason to smile when Henry, James and Percy reveal their wishes did come true – they had all wished they could stand under the ‘The Star Of Knapford’ together... and there they were.

14.13 - Thomas & The Snowman Party

Written by Jessica Sandys Clarke

The children are having a Snowman Party at the Town Square Station.  Farmer McColl’s dog will ‘Hunt The Hat’, the Brass Band will play and Mr Bubbles will do magic hat tricks for the children.  As he’s due to leave the station, the children tell him that their giant Snowman doesn’t have a hat.  Thomas promises to find them one, instead of going to collect a special package for the Fat Controller at Knapford...

Thomas finds a brown one at McColl’s Farm, a red one at Maron station and a very colourful one at Maithwaite.  But when he arrives back at the Town Square Station with his three discoveries, he finds Percy and James looking very glum.  They tell Thomas that Farmer McColl, the Brass Band and Mr Bubbles have all lost their hats, and so they won’t be able to perform at the party.  Thomas realises he has them all in his cab... but he doesn’t have the Fat Controller’s package!

Thomas hurries away to put things right by collecting the package along with Farmer McColl, the Brass Band and Mr Bubbles.  They all arrive at the Town Square Station in time, and the Fat Controller opens his package – it’s a brand new top hat!  The old one is given a very worthy new home on the head of the giant snowman.

14.14 - Thomas's Crazy Day

Written by Sharon Miller 

Percy is stuck at the Steamworks and feeling unhappy, so Thomas promises to play a game with him when he’s ready to return to work.  However, the Fat Controller wants Thomas to work with Bash, Dash and Ferdinand at Brendam Docks instead.  On the way there from Knapford Station, Thomas devises a way of doing both... he leaves the Logging Locos at Brendam and runs off to the Steamworks to play ‘Hide and Peep’ with Percy, before running back to the Docks again.  Upon his return, the Logging Locos are anxious – Cranky won’t speak to them and help them load the freight they’ve come for.  Thomas instructs him to do so and then runs off again to play with Percy.

But as time is getting on, and Thomas can’t see his friend hiding in the bushes, he rushes back to the Docks again – where Cranky is trying to load Ferdinand onto a cargo ship!  Thomas orders Cranky to put him down, and Cranky firmly reminds Thomas that he never issued clear instructions, and he was not there to ask in the first place.

Thomas runs off again to find Percy – and this time, Percy puffs out of the siding feeling very upset because Thomas wouldn’t try and find him.  Thomas feels sad, but then realises that they can have fun and help Bash, Dash and Ferdinand at the same time.  So both engines hurry to Brendam and show the Logging Locos how to load freight, and all five of them have fun together being Really Useful Engines.

14.15 - Jumping Jobi Wood

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas and Edward are asked to go across to Misty Island to bring back some Jobi Logs for the Mayor’s new summerhouse.  Bash, Dash and Ferdinand want to come with them, but the Fat Controller insists that they stay on Sodor to learn the ways of his engines.  Thomas and Edward are confident of being able to do a good job anyway, but things start to go wrong when they get across to Misty Island.  Edward is left terrified on the Shake Shake Bridge, and is so scared he cannot puff across it, leaving him suspended in mid air.  To make matters worse, Thomas is left to handle Old Wheezy on his own, and despite being offered help by Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, he politely refuses.  But logs begin flying all over the place, with some even hitting off Edward.  Hee-Haw is no help either, and only makes matters worse by spluttering thick black smoke over James and the Fat Controller.  Thomas knows he needs to put things right, and the only engines who can help him do it are Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

Together, the four engines scare Edward off the Shake Shake Bridge, show Thomas and Edward how to catch the Jobi logs as Old Wheezy throws them, and deliver the logs back to Sodor in good time.

14.16 - Thomas & Scruff

Written by Sharon Miller

Whiff is to get a new helper at the Waste Dump called ‘Scruff the Scruncher’, and Thomas is to fetch him from Brendam Docks.  But when Thomas meets Scruff, he looks absolutely filthy.  Thomas decides to try and give Scruff a bath before he goes to meet Whiff, thinking that scruffy engines cannot be really useful.  But Scruff flees in terror of the soap and brushes and runs away to hide.  Thomas soon finds him nestled behind some bushes in a siding, and tries everything to coax him out again – with Gordon offering to show him his Express coaches, Henry to take him to fetch special coal and Percy offering to let him see the mail trucks... but nothing works.  Scruff just hides in the bushes, and won’t come out.  And when Whiff puffs past and tells Thomas how much he’s looking forward to meeting his new friend, Thomas feels even worse.

But then Thomas realises that all Scruff wants to do is be really useful – and the best way he knows how to do that is by moving trucks full of rubbish all over the island.  The two engines go off happily together and do just that, and at the end of the day, Scruff receives a very warm welcome to the Waste Dump by Whiff, who is very impressed by his new friend – even if he is a little scruffy!

14.17 - O The Indignity

Written by Sharon Miller

It’s ‘Clean Sodor Day’ on the Island of Sodor, and Gordon is to collect the Island Inspector from Brendam Docks.  However, his Express coaches have wobbly wheels.  But whilst Gordon’s Express coaches are under repair at the Steamworks, the Fat Controller gives him a very important job... taking over work at Whiff’s Waste Dump whilst both Whiff and Scruff are indisposed at the Steamworks.  It’s a far cry from what he’s used to, and Gordon is very unhappy about it.

He’s even more embarrassed when he hears Spencer, James and Diesel approaching with trucks full of rubbish, and hides from all three of them – and doesn’t get any work done.  To make matters worse, the Fat Controller arrives with Whiff, Scruff and Thomas to see how Gordon is doing, and he’s very cross to see the Waste Dump lying in such a mess.  Gordon is ashamed, and the Fat Controller reminds him that on ‘Clean Sodor Day’ no job was more important than the work at the Waste Dump, while Gordon admits he felt he was too important to work with rubbish.

Gordon makes amends by letting Whiff collect the Island Inspector from Brendam Docks with his Express carriage, and then he and Scruff begin shunting all the rubbish trucks to the crusher.  At the end of the day when Whiff arrives with the Island Inspector, all three engines are praised for being Really Useful, and even Gordon has to admit, he had some fun!

14.18 - Jitters & Japes

Written by Sharon Miller

The Fat Controller decides to give his mother, Dowager Hatt, a special treat, and sends her off for an excursion to Misty Island with Thomas.  However, the Fat Controller is quick to remind Thomas that the Dowager is an ‘older person’, so Thomas asks Toby what he should do to make sure she has a pleasant trip.  Toby gives Thomas his thoughts and Thomas decides to follow them to the letter when he goes to Misty Island with Dowager Hatt.  However, the Dowager doesn’t like what Thomas has in mind for their day out.

When they arrive on Misty Island, the mists are down, and the Dowager’s spirits are just as low.  Even when the mists lift, the Dowager still doesn’t appreciate Thomas’s efforts, and eventually, she orders him to stop.  Thomas explains that he thought he knew what would be fun for her, but Dowager Hatt asks why he didn’t ask her what she wanted to do.  She then explains that she wanted ‘thrills and spills, jokes and japes, jitters and flitters’, but Thomas doesn’t know what those are and decides to take her home instead, going the quickest possible route.

But on the way, he hears Dowager Hatt laughing and cheering... and it gives him an idea.  He takes her on a tour all around Misty Island, over the Shake Shake Bridge and past Old Wheezy as he threw logs all over the place.  Thomas then puffs back to Sodor with Dowager Hatt feeling much happier and gushing to Sir Topham when they arrive back.

14.19 - Merry Misty Island

Written by Sharon Miller

It’s Christmas time on the Island of Sodor and the engines are getting ready to have their Christmas parties.  But Bash, Dash and Ferdinand are confused about all the fuss until Thomas, Captain and Rocky explain what’s going on.  The Logging Locos have never had a Christmas party before, and the Sodor engines have inspired them to have one.

So when the Logging Locos deliver their loads to Brendam Docks, they also collect decorations to take back with them to Misty Island.  Thomas, Henry and Gordon all offer to help out, but the Logging Locos are confident they can do it alone.  Back on Misty Island, they decorate Old Wheezy the Log-Loader Machine, and Bash and Dash return to Sodor for more decorations whilst Ferdinand goes off to find a Christmas Tree.  On the way back, the twins invite Percy and Toby to their party, who also offer to help, but are turned down. 

The Logging Locos are soon ready for their party with Old Wheezy and Hee Haw looking very festive... and Ferdinand’s ‘tree’ (a Jobi log...) standing proudly in the yard in time for their friends from Sodor arriving.  But at the last minute, everything goes haywire – Hee Haw splutters and coughs, and Old Wheezy throws Ferdinand’s ‘tree’ into the logging pond.  The Logging Locos feel awful... their party is ruined.

But their friends from Sodor are happy to help put things right again.  Thomas and Ferdinand find a proper tree, Cranky lends Bash and Dash his star, and the children give them special new decorations for their celebrations.  Later at the Logging Station, the party starts again with the Fat Controller dressed in his Santa costume and all goes well.  The Logging Locos are very happy to have such good friends as the Sodor Engines, and declare it the best Merry Misty Island party ever.

14.20 - Henry's Magic Box

Written by Sharon Miller

Henry is given a special job by the Fat Controller – to collect a special box at Brendam Docks and take it to Farmer McColl’s field, and then tell all the other engines to go there at tea-time.

Henry delivers the box safely, but becomes worried about it when it’s been unloaded, and instead of going to tell the other engines about the party, he returns to check on it – only to find the box gone and that trees have sprung up in its place!  Henry hurries off to find his box, and each time he passes his friends, he forgets to tell them to be at the field at tea-time... and each time he returns to Farmer McColl’s field, the trees are multiplying rapidly.

At tea-time, the Fat Controller speaks to Henry at the field.  Henry feels bad, he thinks he’s lost the box and he has forgotten to tell the engines to be at the field.  But the Fat Controller explains that he looked after the box very well, and asks Henry to think where the Christmas trees came from... then he realises – they came from the box.  The Fat Controller sends Henry on his way to tell the other engines to come to the field, and arrives just in time for the special surprise – the Christmas trees burst into life with bright, colourful lights and the Fat Controller walks out dressed as Santa Claus to wish all his Really Useful Engines a ‘Merry Christmas’.