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Contact Us

Here we provide some background history about the Fansite and how to get in touch with us !


Hi, I'm Ryan, a twenty-something University graduate and a "Thomas" fan for most of my natural life. 
I decided to set this website up in late 2004 on account of the lack of proper Thomas-related information to be found on the internet.  The only interesting websites at the time for avid enthusiasts were Martin Clutterbuck's The Real Lives of Thomas and the Awdry Family sites, as well as the Sodor Island Forums.  Since Martin's site only covered the Railway Series, I felt it would be good to have a fully comprehensive website for all things "Thomas", especially with regards to the TV Series. 
I am also the current Administrator of the Sodor Island Forums, on which I've been  I have been a long-standing member since April 2003.
I've been in a fortunate position to have good friends to help out with the continued upkeep of this site, most notably, Jim Gratton, whose selflessness and dedication to the editing and maintenance of the site has been appreciated for several years.  Had it not been for the many hours of contributor research and preparation, we would not have been able to achieve the reputation and high standard that the site currently enjoys and hopes to enjoy in the coming future.
We pray that visitors have as much enjoyment exploring my Fansite as much as we all take pride in adding new information to it!


If you have any suggestions, questions, submissions or comments, please feel free to leave us a message in the Fansite's guestbook (there's a checkbox on the form if you'd like the message to be private). If you wish to be contacted in return by email, there is a provision to leave your email address in the form.
All feedback is gratefully appreciated as it will only serve to make the site better in the long run!  I will always try to reply with as much of a cheerful and willing response to all messages received :)
However, if you would prefer to e-mail, our official e-mail address for SiF is:

I'd like to extend my personal heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to the site.  Without your help this place would  be all the poorer.  No matter how small the contribution it's always worth something, so please keep them coming in as best you can!  Nothing will go uncredited!


Currently, we're looking for Essays for our Essay Annex, these can be on any topic you wish, but the more unique and well written the better.  There is no word limit, but please try and pick a topic concerning Thomas that is both relevant and interesting.
With the parodies we'd urge people to seriously work on them before submitting.  The criteria for acceptance depend on how funny whislt still being in good taste without being offensive to anyone's potential sensibilities.
Multi-media content includes Redub episodes and audio dubs, like those in the existing Downloads section of the site.  Please be aware however, that it is prefered if people have their own webspace/bandwidth  (e.g. YouTube) in which to host the said media content. ;)
All contributions are cheerfully received, but please be aware that due to bandwidth constrictions and other factors, we cannot put EVERYTHING up that we've been sent.

This site is not affiliated or endorsed by HIT Entertainment, Gullane, Britt Allcroft, Egmont Books or the Awdry Family. Interview content are the expressed personal opinions of the contributors and not those of the present or former employers mentioned above. 
Any online use of images and texts found on this Fansite is forbidden without the expressed permission of the Webmaster.